Smart thermometers: use innovative measuring technology via smartphone

Sonde inteligente pentru măsurarea temperaturii

testo 115i

testo 115i – Termometru tip clește

Smartphone thermometer

testo 905i – Termometru pentru aer

iPhone thermometer

testo 805i – Termometru cu infraroșu

Smartphone thermometers: Measuring via app offers advantages

If a smart thermometer is used, the data can be collected in a systematic manner. Data relating to temperature or other parameters is sent to the smartphone via a wireless connection, where it can be read conveniently. The app enables the values to be displayed as a table or in a diagram, which makes temperature changes directly visible. No more tedious comparison of the individual values! One glance is all that’s needed to verify whether there is a need to take any action. If, for example, the temperatures in the cold store rise, action needs to be taken immediately. Without the measurement, which can be recorded quickly, clearly and at frequent intervals, it often takes too long for an error in the system to be detected. The smartphone thermometer enables errors to be detected more quickly.

The measured data and evaluations can be created and sent as a measurement protocol. PDF and Excel formats are available for this. The reports can therefore be shared with other team members or with the maintenance service. Sending is possible directly by e-mail via mobile devices. Smart thermometers, in combination with the smartphone app, offer advantages for all participants, because they save time, prevent errors and ensure a higher degree of measurement and evaluation accuracy. Companies work much more efficiently in this way.

Important prerequisites for using the apps for Smart Thermometers are:

  • At least Android 4.3
  • At least iOS 8.3
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for data transmission
  • Smartphone or tablet with Internet connection (for sending measurement protocols)

Smartphone measuring instruments: Smarter measurement means greater efficiency

Smart thermometers are not the only measuring instruments that can be operated via smartphone thanks to the Testo app. Humidity can also be determined and evaluated. Other parameters such as pressure or flow are also included. High and differential pressure measurements are carried out, and air velocity and volume flows can also be measured. Air conditioning, refrigeration and heating engineers can benefit from the various kits, which contain all the relevant measuring instruments. Smart thermometers are only one component, along with hygrometers, thermal anemometers and vane anemometers. These practical kits are designed for everyday use and contain all the measuring instruments required for use on air-conditioning or heating systems. All the instruments are designed for smartphone operation and allow wireless reading of the measured values.


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testo 605i

testo 605i – Termohigrometru

testo 405i – thermal anemometer operated by smartphone
testo 405i

testo 405i – Termoanemometru

testo 410i
testo 410i

testo 410i – Anemometru cu elice

testo 510i
testo 510i

testo 510i – Manometru diferențial

Smartphone measuring instruments
testo 549i

testo 549i – Sondă pentru presiuni mari

Smart Probes: Eight measuring instruments in one family

Smartphone Hygrometer

The Smart Probes mobile measuring instruments allow technicians to be more mobile than they ever could before. The measuring instruments can be used and controlled via smartphone app or tablet, and at the same time they can be safely transported in a handy case. The measurement data from smart thermometers and others are sent to the Smart Probes app, which can be used free of charge.

Using the mobile device, the data is read, a report can be created and subsequently sent. The app contains numerous practical menus for smart thermometers and other measuring instruments, as well as various special functions, which makes using them in the individual sectors even safer and more efficient. The mobile device therefore becomes a measuring and control centre!

iPhone Hygrometer

iPhone thermometers: Smart thermometers for iOS

To be able to use smart thermometers via iPhone, iOS 8.3 must be installed, and all later versions can be used. The temperature can, of course, be measured wirelessly and non-contact, which has a positive impact, especially in very low and very high temperature ranges. The sensitivity level of smart thermometers is extremely high,enabling accurate measurement and evaluation, which in turn makes it easier to troubleshoot and to monitor the correct functioning of a system.

iPhone hygrometers: Measure humidity with the iPhone

Smart thermometers measure temperature changes, while the iPhone hygrometer measures the humidity. But that’s not all, because the room temperature can also be determined at the same time. Moreover, the dew point is automatically calculated and the wet bulb temperature is determined. The measuring ranges are between 0 and 100% relative humidity and -20 and +60 °C. Smart thermometers and hygrometers all in one, in conjunction with the Smart Probes app, make all applications involving the calculation of measured values much simpler, more efficient and more accurate.