Test the testo 400 for your IAQ measurements free of charge.

Would you like to try out the testo 400 universal IAQ instrument including a probe – but you don’t want to commit just yet? Then our product test is just the right thing.

The process is simple:

  1. Apply for the product test by xx.xx.2018, using the form at the bottom of the page to register.
  2. The chosen product testers will receive a testo 400 with a probe for their application to test free of charge.
  3. After the test phase, we will contact you to create a practice report from your experiences with the measuring instrument.* 
  4. And the best thing is: As a thank-you, you can simply keep the the testo 400 and the probe.

*The chosen product tester is obliged to take part in a 1 to 2-week product test, in consultation with Testo. After this, a short questionnaire must be filled in together with a Testo employee. A photo of the chosen product tester using our Testo measuring instrument is also required. Based on this, we will create a practice report together with you, which will be published on the Testo channels (e.g. website as well as social networks and media).

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