Infrared cameras: Making temperature differences visible

All bodies above absolute zero radiate heat, which can be made visible by a thermal imager. The infrared camera makes this feat possible because it displays different temperature ranges in different colours. Building thermography relies on the use of this technology and uses the thermal imager for building diagnostics and, for example, to make thermal bridges in the building visible.

In heating engineering, thermography can be used to check the function of underfloor heating systems or to detect leaks in a non-destructive way. In maintenance, wear is seen before systems fail. Without a modern infrared camera, time-saving and effective troubleshooting is hardly possible nowadays.

Thermography offers the following advantages:

  • Display of temperature distributions or differences in an image
  • Clarification of points of elevated temperature in systems
  • Non-contact measurement via infrared camera
  • Detection of different objects in a dark environment

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Building thermography with testo 870
Alegerea potrivită pentru orice termografiere

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Infrared thermography with testo 885

Termografie profesională, versatilă și precisă cu Tehnologie SiteRecognition.

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Thermal imaging camera testo 890

Calitate excepțională a imaginilor, display rotativ și sisteme ultimă generație.

Thermography: An important test both at home and in industry

Temperatures can be measured with a normal thermometer. However, this is only ever possible at one point. When monitoring a large area, continuous point measurements would require a disproportionately high effort and thus high costs. Whereas an infrared camera displays temperatures straight away in an image, because it records the distribution of the temperature on the surface. This allows certain areas or multiple objects to stand out separately because they are different from reference temperatures.

The infrared camera uses infrared radiation to display the temperature differences.

The thermography method is used in the following areas, among others:

  • Building thermography: Building diagnostics, analysis of insulation or building defects, localization of leaks, underfloor heating courses
  • Photovoltaics: Finding defective cells and checking electrical connections
  • Industry: electrical and mechanical maintenance
  • Heating engineering: Testing underfloor heating systems or locating leaks
  • R&D: for recording temperature curves during PCB development and in test and experimental set-ups, whenever a temperature difference is depicted

The fields of application of the thermal imager are even more versatile and comprehensive, especially since the technology is becoming increasingly disseminated and used. In general, thermography offers a lot of help in detecting heat sources and its field of application will continue to expand in the future.

Infrared cameras: Key selection points

Testo offers a variety of thermal imager models, so you can find the right model for every application. Whether it’s required for everyday use on the construction site, or for highly professional use in industry: the infrared camera is supplied in the required configuration. It is important that you pay attention to the following when making your selection:

  • Resolution must be at least 160 x 120 pixels
  • Simple/intuitive operation
  • Versatile PC software for analysis and documentation

Measuring temperature with cameras?

The infrared camera measures and records temperatures, clearly reveals differences and therefore makes evaluation, for example in building inspections, easier. The Testo camera comes with several features and its display is much better and clearer thanks to SuperResolution. Other features are:

  • IRSoft: Analysis of data from thermography
  • SiteRecognition: It combines site recognition and image management for recurring measurements of similar measurement objects and manages the images of a measuring location in a database 
  • Panorama image assistant: display large objects on an image
testo SuperResolution technology: Identifying more details
Making your thermal images a class above in next to no time.   mai multe...
testo IRSoft: Analysis software
Independent and really easy creation of professional thermographic reports.   mai multe...
testo SiteRecognition: Efficient inspection routes
Particularly practical for preventive maintenance.   mai multe...

Purchasing a thermal imager: Tools available from Testo

Testo not only offers the right infrared camera for your application, but also a complete process analysis package. This allows the developments of the measured temperatures to be tracked, stored and evaluated. The Testo Scale Assist on the testo 865 and 872 prevents misinterpretations by automatically scaling comparable thermal images. The Testo E-Assist on these models automatically adjusts the emissivity and reflected temperature. All in all, every Testo infrared camera offers all the necessary features to be able to work with it in the selected field or to use the thermal imager meaningfully and profitably. Various models are available for different applications, suitable for beginners and all-rounders, as well as models that meet the most stringent requirements as professional instruments.


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testo InfrarotkameraApp

Infrared cameras with good connections

Your infrared camera (only testo 868 – 872) can be networked intelligently thanks to the Testo Thermography App. The smartphone or tablet becomes the display unit. Applications can be shared with other users. For particularly demanding users, the testo 885-X3, among others, is a real asset: Included here is the thermal imager with three lenses, suitable for a wide range of applications. The professional instruments offer excellent image quality and various editing functions for using the measured data.