Electrical maintenance

Thermal imagers facilitate evaluation of the heat status of low, medium and high-voltage systems. You can use them to identify electrical components or connections with thermal anomalies and to implement the necessary measures.

This prevents dangerous fire risks and costly production downtimes.

Low voltage

Switch cabinets

In electrical installations or cables, increased temperatures are always an indication of an overload, an imminent malfunction or an existing defect. The technology of thermography is particularly useful in the maintenance of switch cabinets, as the measurements can be carried out non-contact and at a safe distance. Anomalies can therefore be detected and countermeasures implemented.

Thermal image switch cabinet

Detection and storage of measuring site - automatically

The SiteRecognition technology also supports efficient and reliable inspection routing for lots of similar switch cabinets. The thermal imager automatically detects the measuring location and stores the measured thermal images in defined folders. Therefore the thermal images of the switch cabinets can be analysed conveniently and safely on the PC.

Electrical components

In the case of electrical components, heat distribution within the individual components is also significant, as well as the connections and access lines. Different temperatures within maintenance indicate the operating status, but can also be indicative of a malfunction.

Medium voltage

Thermal image transformers
Thermal image transformer


Depending on the type of insulation, the connections, cores or insulation in components of medium-voltage installations such as transformers can be inspected for thermal irregularities.



High voltage

Thermal image overhead power lines
Thermal image overhead power lines

Overhead power lines

The electrical connection points and insulators for overhead power lines in substations or the overhead power lines of high-voltage systems can be checked for maintenance purposes. Typically, these locations are difficult to access. Lots of locations can be inspected thermographically using a super telephoto lens with correspondingly high resolution, conveniently from the ground or efficiently by helicopter.


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