Not so fast food: testo Saveris Restaurant in Portugal

The customer

With a strong presence in Portugal as well as expansion into Brazil and Angola, the hamburger chain h3 is one of the most important gastronomic companies on the Iberian peninsula. Under the motto of “Not so fast food”, special value is placed on the quality of the food and the customers’ taste experience.
h3 restaurant

h3 benefits from testo Saveris Restaurant

h3 is using the digital quality management system testo Saveris Restaurant for the implementation of the quality processes in the restaurants. The system helps with the digitalization of the company and makes it possible to be more efficient and at the same time guarantee food safety and the highest possible food quality.

Food safety

Uncompromising food safety

All standards and HACCP guidelines are fulfilled and digitally documented.


Efficient quality management

Checks, measurements and data analysis are carried out more efficiently.

Meeting guidelines

Unique taste experience

Technology minimizes human error and is visible on the plate.

See for yourself how Claudia Soares, Quality Manager at h3 new hamburgology, explains the advantages of the system and how the management and the daily business have been changed by the use of testo Saveris Restaurant.


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