Comfort measurement with the multi-function measuring instrument testo 480


testo 480으로 작업장에서의 편안함을 안정적으로 평가하십시오. 작업장에서의 편안함은 직원 복지에 중요한 역할을합니다. testo 480은 작업장에서의 열 쾌적성에 대한 모호하지 않고 조작이 쉬운 진술을 가능하게하기 위해 모든 관련 PMV / PPD, 난류 및 실내 공기 값을 표준 준수하도록 계산하는 데 도움을줍니다.


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PMV/PPD measurement according to ISO 7730

Step by step through the measurement

Step by step through the measurement The testo 480 calculates norm-compliant PMV/PPD values from ambient/radiant temperature, air humidity, flow velocity and clothing, among others. It then guides you through the measurement step by step and displays the results as a table and/or graph.

Suitable probes and accessories for PMV/PPD measurement:

Turbulence measurement in accordance with EN 13779

Step by step through the measurement

Step by step through the measurement In cases of complaints about draughts, you can carry out a degree of turbulence measurement or a draught risk measurement with the testo 480 and the comfort probe. After the measurement, the measurement protocol shows the norm-compliantly measured mean flow velocity, the mean temperature as well as the degree of turbulence and the draught rate calculated from these.

Suitable probes and accessories for degree of turbulence measurement:

Other application recommendations

Evaluate indoor air quality

Measurement of indoor air quality

A measurement of the indoor air quality helps when making an initial estimate of the climatic conditions in a room. With the testo 480 and the suitable indoor air quality probe, CO2, temperature and relative humidity can be recorded simultaneously.
Evaluate light intensity

Measurement of light intensity

Light conditions play an important role, particularly in the ergonomic assessment of workplaces. Use the Lux probe to measure the illuminance of all common lamps and light sources.
Other probes for the testo 480

More probes – more possibilities

Find a compact compilation of other probes here. For even more versatile VAC measurements with the testo 480.