Practical pressure measurement


Measurement of gas flow and static pressure with testo 510

  • Gas flow pressure is the pressure of the flowing gas. Connected appliances are in operation. For static gas pressure, they are not in operation.
  • If correctly adjusted, the gas flow pressure is usually between 18 and 25 mbar.
  • The testo 510 is temperature and humidity-compensated for especially precise differential pressure measurement results.

Gas pipeline test with testo 324

  • Load and tightness tests with increased operating pressure before commissioning a system, in order to ensure the tightness of the gas pipeline.
  • The pressure pump integrated in the testo 324 enables automatic pressure build-up of up to 300 mbar, e.g. for the tightness test at 150 mbar on gas pipes.
  • Regular serviceability tests on gas pipes in operation.
  • Automatic recording of the pipe volume of the gas pipes.

Differential pressure measurement on air conditioning system filters with testo 510

  • Measurement in front of and behind the filter. If the differential pressure is too high, the filter is contaminated and must be replaced.
  • Measurement from -100 to 100 hPa.
  • Temperature-compensated measurement for accurate measurement results.
  • Hands-free working thanks to magnets on the rear.