Thermohygrometers: The fast entry-level option

Thermohygrometers are an inexpensive and uncomplicated method of monitoring temperature and humidity. You can use them to measure temperature and humidity, without having to put much effort or expense into their installation or maintenance. Only the current ambient value of the two measurement parameters is calculated and shown on a (usually large) display.
A Guide to Monitoring

Guide: How to find the right monitoring solution

A compact guide to help you find the right solution for your own particular measurement challenge.

Overview of thermohygrometers from Testo

Humidity is one of the crucial parameters in environmental monitoring. Along with temperature, it has a decisive impact on the quality of goods and processes. Thermohygrometers are now widely used for simple, fast monitoring of the moisture content of ambient air. Check out the models from Testo here.

  • testo 608-H2 alarm thermohygrometer
    • testo 608-H2 alarm thermohygrometer
  • Long-term stable humidity sensor
  • Continuous measurement and display of temperature and relative humidity
  • Calculation and display of the dew point
  • Visual alarm when limit values are exceeded
  • testo 622 thermohygrometer/barometer
    • testo 622 thermohygrometer/barometer
  • Measures temperature, humidity and pressure
  • Ideal for indoor climate monitoring, especially in laboratories
  • Alarms when limit values are violated
  • Suspension or standing fixture included
  • testo 623 thermohygrometer
    • testo 623 thermohygrometer
  • Measures temperature and humidity in indoor areas
  • Alarms when limit values are violated
  • Large display: current values and statistics for the last 90 days at a glance
  • With standing and suspension fixture – mounting material included

Brochure: A compact overview of all thermohygrometers and other measuring solutions from Testo.

A detailed comparison of Testo data loggers

Your reliable alarm hygrometer: testo 608-H2

Assurance at first glance: The alarm thermohygrometer is your first choice if you want to always be able to see instantly how temperature, humidity and dew point are behaving at any given moment. Even from a distance, these values are always easy to read on the large display. In addition to the max. and min. value display, the testo 608-H2 has a visual LED alarm that reports when limit values are exceeded. Both upper and lower limit values can be set individually. All these features plus the battery life of approx. 1 year with built-in battery life monitoring make the testo 608-H2 the ideal thermohygrometer for laboratories and cleanrooms.

Thermohygrometer and barometer combined: testo 622

In experimental set-ups and calibrations, it’s crucial to monitor air pressure as well as temperature and humidity. Which is why the testo 622 combines the functions of a thermohygrometer with those of a barometer, making it the ideal measuring instrument for monitoring indoor climates. All readings are measured at 10-second intervals. The large display shows the current readings, including date and time, and these are clearly legible at all times. If a limit value is violated, the thermohygrometer also triggers a visual LED alarm. For that extra degree of flexibility, fixtures for both standing and suspension as well as mounting materials are included in the scope of delivery.

90 days at a glance: testo 623 thermohygrometer

If you want to keep a close eye on humidity and temperature and if the development of the values is also relevant along with the current measurement data, then you need look no further than the testo 623 thermohygrometer. You can determine the intervals at which this reliable monitor for the indoor climate displays readings: From 5 minutes to 24 hours, almost anything is possible. The values of the last 90 days are saved automatically. And in the event of limit violations, you are alerted via the display. Here, you will find the date and time as well as the statistics from the last 90 days. This means that long-term analysis of the indoor climate is possible at any time without any problems – without data transfer or evaluation on a PC.

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