This is what our customers have to say about the testo 883 thermal imager

Read now in our testo 883 reference reports why professionals choose our new thermal imager. The thermal imager testo 883 combines all advantages for top performance – whether in preventive maintenance, building thermography or in heating construction:

  • Best image quality: IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (with SuperResolution 640 x 480 pixels), NETD < 40 mK
  • testo SiteRecognition: intelligent measurement site recognition and automatic image management
  • testo IRSoft: Analyze thermal images comprehensively with the intuitive, professional PC software and create impressive reports within a short period of time.
  • Smart and networked: testo Thermography App and wireless transmission of measurement values from the clamp meter testo 770-3 as well as the radio humidity probe testo 605i directly into the thermal image
  • Flexible: Manual focus and interchangeable lenses




testo 883 reference case study: Cerdia
testo 883 convinces Cerdia: The pistol design thermal imager with testo SiteRecognition.

Barnett Inspections B.V.

testo 883 reference case study: Barnett Inspections B.V.
More efficiency in electrical thermography: Thermal imager testo 883 with pro software testo IRSoft in testing at Barnett Inspections B.V..

Kuno Schlatter

testo 883 reference case study: Kuno Schlatter
Clever complete package for energy consultants: Thermal imager testo 868 with pro software testo IRSoft in testing.
We think you deserve a helping hand. Reinforcements in the form of an instrument that sees everything of importance in your job, and can even do the work for you thanks to its practical functions.

Application video testo 883 in maintenance

Application video testo 883 in building thermography

You can directly download even more support for your practical work.

Pocket guide thermography

Pocket guide thermography

Stuffed with much interesting information, the Pocket Guide gives you practical tips and tricks from measurement practice, making it a valuable support for your daily measurement work.

Practical guide building contractors

Practical guide for building contractors

Read here how thermography can help you make energy-saving potential visible, and which technical requirements a thermal imager has to meet for this purpose.

Practical guide maintenance

Practical guide maintenance

Find out here how you can easily lower costs, optimize processes and ensure plant availability with thermal imagers and the newest thermographic technology.