The right solution for every flow velocity measurement.

Flow velocity measuring instruments from Testo: For the ideal balance of energy-efficient ventilation systems and optimal indoor climate.

As an air conditioning and ventilation professional, you know how critical precise measurements are: This is the only way to achieve the perfect balance between energy-efficient ventilation systems and a pleasant indoor climate.
Accordingly, the right measurement technology is indispensable for all flows in the duct, at the outlet and in balanced residential ventilation.

Easy to use, with a wide range of practical functions and robust enough for daily use, everything is always in the flow with flow velocity measuring instruments from Testo.

First choice: Air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument testo 440

Combines versatility with maximum ease of use

  • A measuring instrument for all climate-related parameters
  • Clearly structured measurement menus (e.g. volume flow)
  • Perfect for fast and intuitive measurements
  • Wireless measurement with Bluetooth® probes
  • Extendible with a wide range of probes

testo 440 kits – for measurements in ducts and at outlets

  • testo 440 air flow set 2 testo 440 Air Flow ComboKit 2 with Bluetooth®

    testo 440 - 風速プローブセット 2

    型番 0563 4407

    税込  ¥203,500
    • 中高速域の風速測定に適するベーン式のプローブ2種類のセット。天井からのダウンフローやディスク型ベンチレーター、ダクト内の風速・風量測定などに最適
    • 風速、風量、温度を同時測定

Measurementat the outlet

Measurement in ducts

testo Smart App


One App for everything.

Configure, save, document measurements and much more.



Everything in flow.

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