LabVIEW software for thermal imagers

More precise evaluation with the LabVIEWTM interface.

LabVIEW software basically is a software that you can connect to thermal imagers for measuring,for recording and processing data.

 The result? Together with a thermal imager, the examination and evaluation of heat disadvantages becomes much easier and more efficient. The toner is currently compatible with testo 885 and testo 890 thermals.

LabVIEW software

What is LabVIEW software indeed?

LabVIEWTM is a programming system from the company National Instruments TM, based on the programming language "G".

The LabVIEW TM programmes consist of two different levels:

1. The front panel contains the user interface,
2. the block diagram is the graphic programme code.

These two components together are referred to as Virtual Instruments (VI).
Each VI in turn consists of Sub-VIs which either work independently or are integrated into programmes.
For the purposes of connecting testo 885/testo 890 to the development environment LabVIEWTM, Testo provides the necessary Virtual Instruments as a library.


Functions of the testo LabVIEW TM library

The specially developed VIs offer the following functions for Research and Development:

  • Real-time communication with the imager
  • Readout and setting of parameters such as emissivity, reflected temperature, measuring range and atmospheric correction
  • Readout of the visual image as well as the IR image including all measured temperature values
  • Display of the visual or infrared stream
  • Creation of 2D temperature matrices

The communication between the thermal imager and LabVIEW TM is established via a standard USB connection. For this purpose, the software accesses a Dynamic Link Library (.dll).

Advantages of the LabVIEWTM interface

Setting up a thermal imager in LabVIEWTM allows the users to integrate thermographic monitoring during the Research and Development phase. The VIs of the testo LabVIEW TM library can be freely integrated into already existing Virtual Instruments, allowing the direct further processing of measured temperatures.

LabVIEW programming system

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