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Product registration form for receiving free accessories

Please take 2 minutes to register your new product with us.

The product registration is a condition for receiving free accessories. It is furthermore linked to your agreement to receive application-specific information. A product registration is therefore only possible if you grant us permission to do this. You can find our complete product registration conditions in our data protection declaration. You can also find the full conditions for agreement to receive application-specific information.

By registering your product, you will receive a suitable accessory for your measuring instrument. We will additionally provide you with application-specific information on products, innovations, events and promos, and will keep you up to date on general developments in the measurement applications.

The Testo product registration is linked to country-specific conditions.

Please click on “Continue” to confirm that you would like to carry out the product registration in the country of your choice. You may be forwarded to another country version of the Testo website.


Alternatively, you have the option of purchasing product accessories, i.e. without any further use of your e-mail address by Testo.

In this case please contact Testo sales:


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