Versatile accessories for every application

A comprehensive range of accessories are available for the testo 190 CFR data loggers. This enables you to make optimal use of the loggers for the validation and qualification of sterilization and freeze-drying processes and to attach them securely in cleaning and disinfecting equipment or autoclaves.

Both the data loggers and the accessories have been designed in such a way to enable you to save time at work and carry out reproducible measurement procedures.

Freeze-drying probe holder

Freeze-drying probe holder

  • Easy to attach: Probe shaft tip snaps into place for optimum grip.
  • Easy to position: Can be moved easily on the plate by clicking into place
  • Precise measurement: Probe tip is pressed optimally onto the plate in order to measure the precise surface temperature.
testo 190 retaining clamp

Retaining clamp

  • Easy fixation in the system
  • Simple attachment with thread
  • Residue-free removal and reuse
testo 190 certificates


testo 190 accessories

Battery large/small

  • Tool-free battery replacement – impossible to assemble incorrectly
  • Battery is supplied ready for installation 
  • Small battery for placement in recesses, large battery for longer life and lower temperatures
Validation package testo 190 CFR software

IQ/OQ documentation

How can the testo 190 CFR data logger system help you specifically?