Precise measurement technology for laboratories and cleanrooms

We recommend:

testo 400 universal IAQ instrument

testo 400

For high-precision measurements of all climate-related parameters in cleanrooms and laboratories

  • Intuitive measurement menus
    Clearly structured measurement menus are stored in the measuring instrument to guide you reliably and efficiently through the respective application.
  • User-friendly measurements
    Do you carry out measurements in environments where Bluetooth is not possible? No problem: simply switch the probe head over from Bluetooth to the cable handle and you’re ready to go.
  • High-precision probes
    Fume cupboard probes for laboratories/cleanrooms; vane probes for laminar flow measurement; humidity probes with an accuracy of <1%.
  • Intelligent calibration concept
    Only the probe heads need to be calibrated. You can carry on working with the measuring instrument, handle, and another probe.

High degree of precision is required

The specially designed, high-precision probes can assist you with these applications, for example:

  • Highly accurate differential pressure measurement in any position (mit testo 400 only)
  • Reliable measurement of laminar flows
  • Accurately recording even the smallest differences in flow
  • Measuring humidity in critical processes: accuracy of 1%

Probes for measurements in clean rooms and laboratories

  • For measurements in liquids and pastes
  • Up to ±0.05 °C system accuracy
  • Measuring range from -80 to +300 °C
  • For reliable measurements in corrosive media
  • Up to ±0.3 °C system accuracy
  • Measuring range from -50 to +400 °C
  • For measurements in liquids and pastes
  • Up to ±0.15 °C system accuracy
  • Measuring range from -100 to +400 °C
  • For precise air temperature measurements
  • Up to ±0.15 °C system accuracy
  • Measuring range from -100 to +400 °C
  • For measurement in places that are difficult to access 
  • Up to ±0.3 °C system accuracy
  • Measuring range from -100 to +260 °C

Digital probes for humidity and temperature

High-precision humidity/temperature probe

0636-9772-High-precision-temperature-humidity probe-fixed-cable-front-2000x1500px.jpg
  • Records the relative air humidity and air temperature in indoor rooms
  • Accuracy of ±(0.6 %RH + 0.7 % of m.v.)
  • Calibration of air-conditioning cabinets according to DAkkS directive 5-7

humidity / temperature probe

0636-9775-Robust-temperature-humidity-probe-for-temperatures-up-to-180 °C-fixed-cable-front-2000x1500px.jpg
  • For measurements in industrial exhaust air, in bulk materials and in air-conditioning cabinets 
  • Calculation of wet bulb temperature, dew point and absolute humidity
  • Withstands tough ambient conditions up to +180 °C

Digital probes for flow measurements

Fume cupboard probe

  • Measures flow velocity, volume flow and air temperature
  • Clearly structured measurement menu for measurement in laboratory fume cupboards based on DIN EN 14175-3/-4
  • Automated absolute pressure compensation for accurate measurement results

High-precision vane probe (Ø 100 mm) including temperature sensor

  • Clearly structured measurement menu for volume flow and parallel determination of flow velocity, volume flow and air temperature
  • Ideal for laminar flow measurements: records smallest flow velocities from 0.1 m/s
  • Measuring range up to +70 °C

Tailored multifunction

U mrežnom konfiguratoru lako možete sastaviti svoju osobnu kombinaciju mjernih instrumenata, sondi i dodataka

The alternative: testo 440 compact

  • Clear display
  • Easy button operation
  • Measurement data storage in the instrument

testo 400 brochure

Everything you need to know about the testo 400 universal IAQ instrument in one concise brochure

Overview of the measurement menus

Stored measurement menus in testo 400 to assist you with measurements in laboratories and cleanrooms

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