Building moisture

Ingressing water, faulty rain and waste water drains, burst pipes etc. are among the possible causes of building moisture. Depending on where it is getting out or in, building moisture can spread in different ways and enormous damage may be done if it is discovered too late. Hence the necessity of using measuring instruments to identify building moisture, in order to identify the source of the moisture damage.

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11 products or recommendations for Building moisture
  • testo 606-2

    testo 606-2 - Moisture meter for material moisture and relative humidity

    Order-Nr. 0560 6062

    ZAR 4,398.90
    incl. VAT  ZAR 5,058.73
    • Ram electrodes guarantee precise moisture measurements in wood and building materials
    • Ideal for carrying out relative humidity and air temperature measurements to check storage and drying
  • Testo 610

    testo 610 - Thermohygrometer

    Order-Nr. 0560 0610

    ZAR 3,547.50
    incl. VAT  ZAR 4,079.63
    • Easy temperature and humidity measurement
    • Calculation of dew point and wet bulb temperature
  • testo 622

    testo 622 - Thermo hygrometer and barometer

    Order-Nr. 0560 6220

    ZAR 7,071.35
    incl. VAT  ZAR 8,132.05
    • Measures air temperature, relative humidity and pressure
    • Ideal for monitoring the ambient air especially in laboratories
  • testo 606-1

    testo 606-1 - Moisture meter for material moisture

    Order-Nr. 0560 6060

    ZAR 2,483.25
    incl. VAT  ZAR 2,855.74
    • Precise moisture measurements in wood, cement, screed etc.
    • Characteristic curves for different types of wood
  • testo 625

    testo 625 - Digital thermohygrometer with App connection

    Order-Nr. 0563 1625

    ZAR 5,605.05
    incl. VAT  ZAR 6,445.81
    • Simple, fast and precise measurement of air temperature and relative humidity
    • Calculation of dewpoint and wet bulb temperature
  • testo 440 Humidity Kit with Bluetooth®

    testo 440 Humidity Kit with Bluetooth®

    Order-Nr. 0563 4404

    ZAR 10,642.50
    incl. VAT  ZAR 12,238.88
    • Intuitive: clearly structured measurement menu for long-term measurements as well as the parallel determination of humidity and air temperature in storage, refrigerated and work rooms and also in ventilation ducts
    • Precise: calculation of dew point, wet bulb temperature and absolute humidity
  • testo 605i

    testo 605i - Thermohygrometer operated via smartphone

    Order-Nr. 0560 2605 02

    ZAR 2,530.55
    incl. VAT  ZAR 2,910.13
    • Measurement of air humidity and temperature in rooms and ducts
    • Automatic calculation of the dew point and wet bulb temperature via testo Smart App
  • testo 616

    testo 616 - Moisture meter for wood and building materials

    Order-Nr. 0560 6160

    ZAR 7,378.80
    incl. VAT  ZAR 8,485.62
    • Measures the moisture content of wood and building materials quickly and reliably
    • Non-destructive, precise measurements up to a material depth of 5 cm
  • testo Smart Probes Mold Kit delivery

    testo Smart Probes mould kit

    Order-Nr. 0563 0005 10

    ZAR 4,919.20
    incl. VAT  ZAR 5,657.08
    • Identify mould risk at an early stage using the testo Smart App
    • Measuring point marking with laser function
  • Testo 623

    testo 623 - Thermohygrometer

    Order-Nr. 0560 6230

    ZAR 4,493.50
    incl. VAT  ZAR 5,167.52
    • Measures the temperature and humidity in the room and alerts the room’s occupants when thresholds are reached
    • Large, easy-to-read display: shows the current reading and provides you with an at-a-glance 90-day statistic snapshot
  • Streufeldsonde

    Scatter field probe for fast and damage-free material moistu...

    Order-Nr. 0636 6160

    ZAR 8,490.35
    incl. VAT  ZAR 9,763.90
11 results found