Monitoring climate in museums

Make your art immortal.

As a restorer, you are responsible for the preservation of the value of the loaned works of art. During exhibitions, storage and transport of the exhibits, you are liable for damage, which can easily be caused by incorrect storage.

Is there a system which saves you worrying about your exhibits?

testo Saveris – your allround package for worry-free indoor climate monitoring

Your advantages

Temperature monitoring in a museum
  • No risk: you recieve alarms of critical values (LED, SMS, e-mail) – your exhibits are safe
  • Minimum effort: the system provides the entire documentation
  • Optical appearance: no unattractive cabling thanks to wireless measurement
  • Complete service from one provider: Consultation, installation, commissioning, configuration, calibration
  • Individual: testo Saveris is adapted exactly to your needs – we are happy to advise


Climate monitoring in exhibitions
  • Depending on the number of visitors, the climate in an exhibition room can fluctuate severely.
  • With the testo Saveris you are always on the safe side: you receive a warning of critical ambient conditions.
  • The system can be used in all your rooms, including on several floors or at difficult-to-access locations – thanks to wireless technology.
  • Use the allround protection for the preservation of the value of your art.


Indoor climate monitoring in storage
  • If loaned works of art are stored under the wrong ambient conditions, permanent damage can occur: corrosion, mould, deformation.
  • With testo Saveris, you place your exhibits under the protection of an automated indoor climate monitoring which you can rely on.
  • In cases of liability, you can present the complete documentation of the ambient values.

One system – all possibilities

Humidity and temperature monitoring system testo Saveris

testo Saveris is comprised of different components:

  • Data loggers record the measurement values at the measurement location (wide selection, also with external probes)
  • The testo Saveris Base processes the measurement data
  • You access the measurement data with your PC

Our complete service

Complete service for indoor climate monitoring

Your allround worry-free package contains:

  • Consultation
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Configuration
  • Calibration


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