White paper on curbing the risk of infection in health care

In healthcare facilities, the requirements for monitoring IAQ parameters are particularly high. This is equally true for clinics, outpatient surgery or dialysis centres, doctors’ surgeries or for the production and storage facilities for medicinal products. While ensuring thermal comfort levels to facilitate a good working environment and the recovery of patients, it is also particularly important to remove pollutants and ensure that employees and patients are protected against infection.

Only a well-planned and reliably maintained HVAC system can provide optimal ambient conditions and prevent the concentration of airborne aerosols such as viruses or pollutants inside buildings. Depending on the classification of the room in question, it can simultaneously affect different IAQ parameters. These include air volume flow, degree of turbulence, pressure, humidity, temperature, CO2, sound and light. Regular comprehensive checks should be carried out on the target and actual operation of the system in terms of the relevant parameters using state-of-the-art measuring technology.

Poorly or non-maintained HVAC systems can impair the indoor climate and even increase the risk of infection. It is essential to keep this in mind, especially during times of crisis such as the global Covid-19 pandemic. Rooms often have to be converted at short notice to increase capacity. In spite of the highly dynamic situation, the special HVAC requirements should be taken into account and their suitability and efficiency checked with the aid of precision measuring technology.

Find out in this white paper ...

... which parameters have an influence on air quality and how to measure them

... what demands the current infection situation is making on modern measuring technology

... how you can proactively protect the health of employees and patients 

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