Non-stop monitoring and automatic documentation of temperature and humidity.

Monitoring temperature in storerooms can be bothersome: Manual readout and documentation of loggers costs time and is prone to error.

The reliable data loggers from Testo record temperature and humidity continuously, and can be easily evaluated on a PC. The wireless data logger system testo Saveris 2 is even more convenient: it also takes care of the documentation for you – and sends you an automatic alarm if a problem should actually occur.

Easy temperature and humidity monitoring Testo data loggers

Monitor temperature with Testo data loggers
  • Measurement and document temperature and humidity reliably
  • In accordance with EN 12830
  • Easy data evaluation on a PC

Automatic monitoring by wireless LAN: Data logger system testo Saveris 2

Automatic monitoring by wireless LAN with testo Saveris 2
  • Monitors and documents temperature and humidity automatically and without interruption
  • Easily integrated into an existing wireless LAN
  • Measurement values are stored in the loggers and in the Testo Cloud
  • Access to all measurement data by PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Alarms by SMS, e-mail or push
  • Flexible alarm functions, e.g. for defrosting processes

Application guide supermarket

Download: Application guide

Valuable tips and useful background knowledge on compliance and food safety in supermarkets:

  • How can I save money checking incoming goods?
  • How do I ensure a constant temperature in storerooms and display counters 24/7?
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