Easy operation and precise results.

In incoming goods, the correct temperature of foods must be tested and proven by spot-checks.

Infrared thermometers, penetration thermometers and combi thermometers (all with HACCP certification) from Testo are the ideal solution for this responsible job in the cold chain.

Use the adjacent infographic to find out which measurement method and thermometer best suits your application.

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Tips & Tricks: Temperature measurement in the cold chain

Tips and tricks cold chain
  • What are the 3 methods of measuring temperature?
  • Which basic legal principles should be familiar?
  • What should you look for when buying?

For spot checks: Infrared thermometer.

Infrared thermometers from Testo
  • Measures surface temperature without contact
  • Precise measurement spot marking with laser

For core temperatures: Penetration thermometer

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With just a few questions, we can together find out which measuring instrument perfectly meets your needs.

Flexible: Infrared and penetration thermometers.

Infrared and penetration thermometers from Testo
  • Measures surface and core temperature
  • Penetration probe and infrared laser in one instrument

Useful downloads and infos

Flyer: Measurement technology cold chain

  • Compact measurement knowledge to go
  • Short overview of the most important measuring instruments

Brochure: Measurement technology cold chain

  • Decision-making help: How to find the right measuring instrument
  • Products in detailed comparison