testo 350 MARITIME

The first portable emission analyzer approved for MARPOL Annex VI and the NOx Technical Code

As air quality regulations become more strict and emission control areas become more prevalent, it's good to have the testo 350-MARITIME as your emission testing solution. Built to meet the demands of maritime conditions, the Testo 350-MARITIME measures O2, CO and NOx more easily and less costly than other methods available. The perfect analyzer to test exhaust gas emissions subject to MARPOL Annex VI and the MEPC.103(49) protocol guidelines.

Reference method accuracy at a fraction of the price, all contained, convenient, rugged transport case perfect for testing marine applications. The Testo 350-MARITIME will make your emission testing and reporting quick, easy, and affordable.

Highest Accuracy - Rugged Dependability

Years of practical experience in measuring emissions from industrial engines has resulted in a new analyzer designed for the marine industry. High accuracy to meet regulatory requirements. Unsurpassed portability to test anywhere, any time! Intuitive operation for easier testing and data reporting.

The testo 350-MARITIME is a complete emission analyzer system that accurately measures O2, CO, NOx, and CO2. The sensors, electronics, pumps, sample conditioning system are integrated into a small compact analyzer weighing less than 10 lbs.

On-board verification in compliance with the NOx Technical Code

The testo 350-MARITIME measures O2, CO, CO2 and NOx as a complete integrated emission testing system applicable to the following MARPOL Annex VI requirements. On-board periodic & intermediate surveys using the "Direct Measurement" and "Monitoring" method On-board "Simplified Measurement Method"

Simple Accurate Testing

Testing doesn't get any easier. Simply put the probe (w/ sintered filter) into the exhaust stack and activate the pump. The emission measurements will quickly be seen on the large back-lit display. For greater testing flexibility, use easyEmission software to control the analyzer, view data in many formats, or print emission reports.

Technical Data

ParameterMeasuring range Accuracy
°F, flue gas -40 up to 1832°F max. ±5 K
O2 0 ... 25 Vol%  
CO 0 ... 3000 ppmMeets and exceeds the
requirements of NOx
Technical Code as
approved by GL
NO 0 ... 3000 ppm 
NO2 0 ... 500 ppm  
SO2 0 ... 3000 ppm 
CO2 (IR)0 ... 40 Vol% 
pabs 600 ... 1150 hPa
8.7 ... 16.68 psi
0.0725 psi @ 72°F
±5 hPa at 22°C
±10 hPa at -5°C up to 45°C
0.14 psi @ -25°F up to 115°F
Storage temperature14 - 122°F/-10°C up to 50°C
Operation temperature41 - 122°F/5°C up to 50°C
Power supply11 ... 40 V DC or 110 ... 230 V AC 50/60 Hz
buffer battery NiMH 8,4V/4,5Ah
Electrical power consumption max.40 W
Max. positive pressure / flue gas50 hPa/0.725 psi
Max. negative pressure / flue gas-200 hPa/-2.90 psi
Weight (system including case)appr. 37.47 lb./17 kg.
Dimensions (case)22 x 17.9 x 10.4 in./56.5 x 45.5 x 26.5 cm

Class Type Approved:

Germanischer Lloyd (GL)-type approval
Certificate No. 59 488 - 08 HH subject to
MARPOL 73/78
Annex VI, NOx Technical Code and


Standard ambient climate probe
(temperature and relative humidity)
Order No. 0636 9740

Connection cable to ambient climate probe, length 4.9 ft./1.5 m
Order No. 0430 0143

* SO2-measuring on request Germanischer Lloyd (GL) - Certificate

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