Testo Saveris Cockpit – Global Viewer

Simple to configure and intuitively designed to provide the highest level of visibility, security, and ease of use. The cockpit was designed with a user interface which greatly simplifies the user experience. Color coded status and the ability to upload facility floorplans enhances the already intuitive user interface. Manage a network of global facilities with one software that provides data at your fingertips.

Click either one of the red alarm notifications to drill down for a closer view.

Campus View

The Cockpit provides the highest level of control, allowing users to identify potential issues easily and pinpoint exact sensor locations. With diverse facilities, the campus viewer allows for another layer of accuracy, allowing large campuses to remain organized with sensor locations. Pinpoint issues faster and ensure compliance.

Click “Building 1” to drill down further and see the floor plan view in “Building 1”

Floorplan View

Whether you operate cleanrooms, laboratories, manufacturing areas or a warehouse, the floorplan view allows for easy visualization of sensor alarms. The floorplan view allows for identification of issues, and viewing of temperature, humidity, and differential pressure values from the last 30 days.

No more guessing click the color-coded red alarm signal and view the stack of sensors and know exactly where you have a violation of your limit values.

View Data

“View Data” allows for the ability to see the temperature, relative humidity, and differential pressure data from the last 30 days.

Data at your Fingertips

In the data viewer area, you can drill down into any sensors location and view the historical data. This provides visibility, and access to data while on the go or while working off site.

With unique user ID, password protection, a secure database, Testo Saveris software was designed for 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance.

Alarm Acknowledgement

With the proper user rights, individuals can view and acknowledge alarms. In keeping with FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance, audit trails are fulfilled, and alarm comments can be made.

Electronic Signatures

Alarm acknowledgement requires username and password submission in order to close out the alarm.

Visibility Anywhere

With the testo Saveris software, get data when, where and in the format you need it. Whether you are at your desk, or at any computer on your network, you can access all of the data you need. Reliable, redundant, compliant, and intuitive is how our clients describe the Saveris automated monitoring software.

cGXP compliant environmental data analysis measurements at all configured sites

In the testo Saveris software the continuously monitored data is captured and stored compliantly and securely which allows you to have a comprehensive tamper-proof evaluation of all the recorded data.

All measurement values are collated and documented without interruption to the Saveris Base which operates as the heart of the monitoring system. Depending on your specific user requirements, the software is available in two different versions: as a professional version (PROF), or as a cGxP 21 CFR Part 11 version (CFR). The CFR version corresponds to the FDA (21 CFR Part 11) and EU (Annex 11) regulations regarding data integrity for electronic signatures and electronic records.

Testo has also created a new optional web-based cockpit, where users can view measurement data on the go, with any device.


The testo Saveris measurement technology

The new cockpit, helps you save time by retrieving measurement data via your internet browser – without any additional installation. Your benefits:

A high degree of flexibility: Measurement data can be viewed on your browser using a variety of terminal devices (PC, smartphone or tablet). Depending on the configuration of the IT infrastructure, it's possible to use the cockpit via both the Intranet and the Internet. In both cases browser access is via secure login

Intuitive user interface: The cockpit user interface is intuitive, with no need for any time-consuming training. It offers the most important functions that a basic user needs in order to view measurement data and acknowledge alarms.