Let software provide visibility and insights to your multi-site operation

The power of software enables clients to do more with less effort every day.

For years food safety experts have had to rely on hand made notes from employees who turnover 100% annually.  When you choose to bring Testo Saveris to help improve food quality and safety you will be taking the first step towards transforming into a food safety culture.  Our clients tell Testo how often they suffer with incomplete logs, unreliable data, and simply no visibility into problems or insights for where to make improvements.  Let Testo send early warnings, show you how to reduce costs immediately, and make it fun for your employees.

Fun and easy to use

testo Saveris Restaurant digitizes your quality handbooks

“Its more fun and easier than paper” – typical remark from new users.

Automate Alerts

Software testo Saveris Restaurant
A typical refrigerator holds $1,500 - $10,000 of food, don’t let open doors, power outages, or equipment cause you to throw it away – again.

Data creates insights

The testo Saveris Restaurant software
When did paper check lists provide insights, show trends, or point out areas that can be easily improved? Ask for a virtual demo.

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