Digital Food Safety with Testo Saveris:

Enables owners and managers of multi-unit operations to deploy and monitor complex tasks around food preparation, food safety and documentation.  The Saveris technology will empower your people with clear workflows, automate on-going process monitoring, improve food quality and safety while lowering costs.  Be ready for tomorrows challenges:

  • Fun and easy to operate
  • Influence correct behaviors
  • Automate documentation that is sometimes overlooked

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QA food service

Multi-site operations can now gain insights and manage remotely

  • Give employees tools that make their tasks easier
  • Ensure they know what to do when a quality or food safety decision is made
  • Make complex tasks easy and fun
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Quality retail

Now you can do more with less

  • Manage cook to chill processes reliably, simply, and consistently
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps with tools that do the work
  • Be instantly ready for unplanned health inspections
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Quality management Life Sciences

A small lab, a campus or a global footprint can all be monitored easily

  • Evaluate alarms faster with customized floor plans and list view
  • Access anytime, from anywhere, with any device
  • Reliability that comes with 60+ years of experience serving the Life Sciences Industry
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Digital food safety with testo Saveris Food

Be ready for tomorrows challenges with Testo’s data-driven, smarter food safety management system. See for yourself:

Food Safety and COVID-19: Field reports from our customers and partners

Testo Hungry Lion

“Ever since the start of the pandemic, things have been tough for us.”

Gerhard Kotze, Regional Manager
at Hungry Lion, South Africa


“Our customers' requirements in terms of hygiene and food safety have changed.”

Uğur Çayırlı, Food Safety & Quality Administrator
at HUQQA, Turkey

Testo Food Focus

“The pandemic essentially signifies emotional and economic stress for the industry.”

Linda Jackson, Director
at Food Focus, South Africa


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Testo Saveris Food Solution Certifications:

NSF/ANSI 2: Food Equipment

NSF/ANSI 2 establishes minimum food protection and sanitation requirements for the materials, design, fabrication, construction and performance of food handling and processing equipment.

HACCP International

HACCP International is product certification company and part of a highly specialized food science group. The HACCP International certification mark is aligned with the due diligence requirements of the world’s leading food safety standards and quality systems. Ten key criteria are examined to give that full assurance. Certified products need to satisfy ALL criteria – not just individual components.


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