All the information at a glance – using just one system.

Continuous monitoring of your stored pharmaceutical products with testo Saveris Pharma Storage.

Whether in the delivery of goods, in high-bay warehouses or in other sensitive storage areas - the continuous monitoring of pharmaceutical products must be guaranteed. With testo Saveris Pharma Storage you have all the relevant quality data and parameters of the pharmaceuticals in view at all times.

Your cold chain at a glance


Our digital all-in-one solution for comprehensive quality management in your storage area

Data logger pharmacy
Sensor technology

Reliable recording of environmental parameters.


Collection and evaluation of quality processes.

Customer service Testo

Testo is your competent worldwide partner.


Audit Ready

Always ready for a health inspector or internal assessment.


Employees Win

Enable everyone to follow corporate requirements with guided workflows and how to information at their finger tips.


Save Money

Lower operating costs and eliminating product loss with modern tools.


Multi-site Visibility

Saveris Food Safety provides visibility and insights.

testo Saveris Pharma Expert Corner & Downloads

Especially in sensitive environments there are many reasons to use automated monitoring systems.

How to fulfill the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 requirements using the digital all-in-one solutions of Testo.

Reliable monitoring of equipment and environmental parameters with testo Saveris Pharma.

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