The services: comprehensive support

In order for you to obtain maximum benefit from digital quality management with testo Saveris Food Stores, our specially trained service staff are there for you at all process steps: From planning via commissioning to servicing – your needs regarding compliance, quality and costs are in focus.

Together with you, we define in all project phases how testo Saveris Food Stores can support you in your daily work, and which hard and software components you need in which configuration. And even when your system is installed and running, we're just one phone call away.

Individual planning

testo Saveris Retail Chain Service before installation
We cooperate to plan the entire project and take over the configuration of the software and measurement technology according to your individual requirements.


testo Saveris Retail Chain: Service during installation
Fast and easy switch to digital quality management – thanks to efficient commissioning and staff training.


testo Saveris Retail Chain: Service after installation

Use our worry-free package: we deal with support, maintenance and calibration of your system.

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