Digital food safety / quality for supermarkets, convenience stores, and gas stations

When it comes to the implementation and documentation of food safety, many retailers still rely on lots of staff and even more paper. And yet this topic can be solved smarter, more efficiently and with a fraction of the resources – with testo Saveris Food Stores. With digital quality handbooks and the automated temperature monitoring of all products requiring refrigeration or deep-freezing, the digital quality management system supports the implementation of quality checks and documents compliance with the requirements in a central data base. This gives you certainty of the safety of your foods at all times and from anywhere.


Remotely assess and guide
store performance

Digital QA

Reliable compliance
to food safety expectations

Optimizing processes supermarket

Real time data
lowers inventory risk

Quality management digital
  • Automated alarms eliminate the risk of rising temperatures
  • No longer worry about open doors, power outages, and faulty equipment
  • 60+ years of helping customers avoid loss with reliable data

Case Study: teams Service Stations


Benefits and Partnership: testo Saveris Food Stores

Sensors testo Saveris

Reliable recording of quality data.

Software testo Saveris

Analyze and document data and processes.

Services testo Saveris

Your support for set-up, operation and servicing.


Discover the benefits of the testo Saveris System


EDEKA Sven Fiedler ensures food quality: with testo Saveris Food Stores.

EDEKA manager Sven Fiedler relies on testo Saveris Food Stores to fulfil the brand promise of the largest cooperative supermarket chain in Germany: “We love food”.

On the road: testo Saveris in use in team service stations

Find out in a compact reference story which advantages of testo Saveris convinced the responsible people at team service stations.


Audit Ready

Always ready for a health inspector or internal assessment.


Employees Win

Enable everyone to follow corporate requirements with guided workflows and how to information at their finger tips.


Save Money

Lower operating costs and eliminating product loss with modern tools.


Multi-site Visibility

Saveris Food Safety provides visibility and insights.

„Reliable and seamless monitoring from anywhere at any time enables you to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing your food quality. As a food safety professional with 2 decades of experience measuring the execution of food quality and food safety programs I can appreciate how testo Saveris Food Stores enables a more preventative approach in controlling food quality and safety.“

Eric Moore, Certified Professional - Food Safety
Director of Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance, Testo North America

Quality assurance in supermarkets with testo Saveris Food Stores

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