Monitoring systems: Offering you maximum security and convenience

A fully automated monitoring system enables you to keep your temperature, humidity and other quality-relevant environmental parameters completely under control: Seamlessly, precisely and reliably. All readings are securely stored in multiple instances and can be called up at any time using various terminal devices – no matter where you are. In the event of limit violations too, various alerting options are available to you, so that system-critical incidents can be quickly identified and remedied.
A Guide to Monitoring

Guide: How to find the right monitoring solution

A compact guide to help you find the right solution for your own particular measurement challenge.

A comparison of automated environmental monitoring systems from Testo

Quality offers no room for compromise. Which is why, whenever complete, high-precision monitoring of environmental parameters is needed, Testo’s fully automated environmental monitoring systems really get the job done. Choose between the testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system and the testo Saveris 1 data monitoring system.

  • testo Saveris 1 data monitoring system
    • testo Saveris 1 data monitoring system
  • Integrated system comprising sensors, software and services
  • Seamless recording and documentation of all audit-relevant environmental parameters
  • On-premises solution that can be validated according to GAMP, including audit trail and ERES (electronic recording and signature), compliant with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Access to the measured values at any time with a PC or tablet/smartphone
  • Integration into any infrastructure thanks to the modular design principle of data logger and communication modules (WLAN, LAN and radio)
  • 24/7 alerting via e-mail and SMS as well as automated reporting
  • testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system
    • testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system
  • Easy commissioning and fast integration into the existing WLAN infrastructure
  • Measured values are stored in the data loggers and in the Testo Cloud
  • Access to the measured values at any time with a PC or tablet/smartphone
  • 24/7 alerting via e-mail and SMS as well as automated reporting

Brochure: A compact overview of all monitoring systems and other measuring solutions from Testo.

A detailed comparison of Testo data loggers

The reliable all-in-one solution: testo Saveris 1 data monitoring system

Use the testo Saveris 1 environmental monitoring system to monitor the environmental parameters of temperature and humidity as well as differential pressure automatically and seamlessly. The system is so flexible that other required parameters can also be integrated via additional components. The redundant data storage of the readings in the data logger, base station and software/database on a local server ensures maximum data security and complete documentation. The stored readings can be viewed and checked at any time and from any location via the browser-based cockpit. Real-time alerts via LED indications on the hardware as well as SMS or e-mail via smartphone, tablet or desktop PC enable immediate intervention in the event of any limit value violations or system-relevant incidents.

1. testo 150 data logger modules, analog couplers and transmitters, digital and analog probes

2. WLAN communication module

3. LAN communication module

4. testo UltraRange communication module

5. testo Saveris Base V 3.0

6. testo Saveris Software + Cockpit


Monitors and sounds the alarm: testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system

The testo Saveris 2 radio data logger system is the modern solution for monitoring temperature and humidity values. The system is simple to install, and this can be implemented via your browser. The radio data loggers reliably record temperature and humidity values at adjustable intervals and transmit the readings via WLAN to the Testo Cloud. The readings stored can be analyzed at any time, anywhere, using an internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC. Violations of limit values are immediately reported via e-mail, or optionally via SMS. This allows critical processes to be kept under control always, even if you are not on site. The long battery life additionally ensures that the testo Saveris 2 system needs to be serviced only rarely.

1. Cloud-based software

2. Radio data loggers

3. Local wireless LAN router

4. Cloud-based software on every terminal device


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