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Calibration of test and inspection equipment is essential to maintaining confidence and reliance on the readings obtained from them to operate your business. Whether motivated by regulatory requirements or by the need for assurance of measurements critical to a manufacturing process, regular calibration of your instrument is critical to having a reference based on known standards. Besides the full line of reference measuring instruments and the accredited calibration services that Testo offers, we also have a line of calibration equipment that you can use to perform your own calibrations. We cover temperature, humidity, air velocity, air flow, and differential pressure. You can view product information on our calibration instruments here.

The Testo Calibration Lab is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and meets requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (PJLA).  Our accreditation certificate and scope can be accessed by clicking on the link to the right.

Full service for quality and security


We are one of the leading calibration laboratories, accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 for more than 300 calibration procedures. We carry out the calibrations in our laboratories or on site with you.

You have the choice between ISO/works calibrations and accredited calibrations (DAkkS). Our accredited laboratories cover almost all measurement parameters and offer you a unique service portfolio – from collection of the test equipment, calibration, maintenance up to repair.

We calibrate your test equipment independently of manufacturer and with the lowest measurement uncertainties. We keep your individual requirements always in view and develop continuously.

Calibration temperature probe in immersion bath of thermo-dynamic laboratory

Test equipment management

Testo Industrial Services organizes everything involving your test equipment and measurement sites: Calibration cycles, processes, documentation, logistics and IT solutions. To achieve this, we developed our own holistic solution - PRIMAS. 

PRIMAS from Testo Industrial Services is based on partner cooperation between customers, Testo Industrial Services, suppliers and logistics partners.

PRIMAS offers you different IT solutions for your individual requirements: PRIMAS online, PRIMAS validated, PRIMAS connect and PRIMAS exchange.

Test equipment management and monitoring with PRIMAS online.


Testo Industrial Services offers you individual and requirement based manpower, know-how and the right measurement technology, from the qualification of individual instruments to the qualification and validation of complex systems, GMP upgrades or new projects in the area of compliance.

We support you in your qualification projects such as cleanroom qualification or plant qualification.

We also qualify your storage and transport systems according to GDP and GSP standards.

Implementation and documentation of a cleanroom qualification


Validation therefore ensures and documents the most important attributes of a process: Reproduceability and robustness, and guarantees your GxP standards in sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology, in addition to risk-based qualification.

Testo Industrial Services supports you with individual validation projects or takes over the complete implementation of your projects. We take care of cleaning validation, transport validation, process validation or computer and software validation for you.

In all validations, a risk-based examination is the basis of our tailored services for you.

GxP-compliant validation according to the V model

Downloads on the subject of calibration and GxP services

Calibration Lexicon (German Document)

Calibration lexicon

The lexicon serves on the subject of calibration and is a help for those, who are entrusted with the task of test equipment management and calibration in a company.

Factsheet calibration

Factsheet calibration

Do you know what calibration means?
The difference between adjustment and official calibration?
And how often measuring instruments for food should be calibrated?

GxP Services (Global)


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Calibrations are performed in an expeditious fashion, with turnaround times of less than one week in most cases. To learn more about our calibration department, please download our calibration data sheet.
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