Save cooking oil: Because every drop counts.

Everything is getting more expensive - even cooking oil. The reason: The fuel industry has discovered vegetable oils for itself. In 2021 alone, this has caused prices to double, and in some cases triple. For companies in the food industry that produce or serve deep-fried food, the pressure to act is increasing. But how can the sharp rise in oil costs be reduced?

You cannot influence global developments and the price war for vegetable oil. But you have control over how much oil your operation consumes. Because your oil costs will be significantly reduced if you replace the cooking oil on the basis of reliable measurement values.

The testo 270 cooking oil tester provides you with these results in a matter of seconds. By measuring regularly, you determine the ideal time to replace the oil: neither too early nor too late. In this way, you not only save money, but also increase the satisfaction of your customers with frying quality at a consistently high level.

See for yourself: The Testo cooking oil calculator shows you with just a few clicks how much you can specifically save on your expenses for cooking oil.

Calculate savings potential now*

Weekly oil consumption

Min: 1 – Max: 1000000
Min: 1 – Max: 15
Min: 1 – Max: 10
Min: 1 – Max: 100
Min: 0.1 – Max: 7
You use per week
XX lb of cooking oil.

Current oil price

Min: 0.01 – Max: 1000
You save per year:

The calculation is based on average experience of Testo customers and is provided for illustrative purposes only. The calculation is not to be understood as legal or financial advice. Depending on the specific use at your site, different values may result. In particular, using the calculator depicts only the momentary status, e.g. oil price fluctuations are not taken into account. Testo makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, that the potential savings generated by the calculator will reflect the actual results achieved by you.

Your win-win situation:
Better frying results - with less oil

You benefit twice from the testo 270 cooking oil tester:
You save oil costs and ensure a consistently good quality of the fried food.

The HACCP-certified measuring instrument clearly shows you whether an oil change is necessary according to the traffic light principle. The handling is very intuitive: Just dip it into the fryer, read it and you're done.

Cooking oil tester testo 270

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