C.M.Z. tests the new flue gas measuring instrument testo 300

"For more than 30 years, I’ve been involved in the servicing of heating and refrigeration systems. We use measuring instruments from Testo because they’re robust and reliable. I get on really well with the technicians from Testo. That’s exactly why I’m so delighted to be able to make a contribution with my opinion of the new flue gas measuring instrument testo 300."

The customer’s opinion

"My very first test of the new flue gas analyzer testo 300 showed me that with the newly introduced technology, it’s made a giant quantum leap.

Marcello Cigoli with flue gas analyzer

I especially like the instrument for two reasons: 

  1. All measurements necessary for testing a system can be carried out, independently of the size.
  2. The maintenance costs and the costs caused by plant downtimes are considerably reduced thanks to the Longlife sensors with a lifetime of up to six years.

Compared to the predecessor model, it’s considerably faster. Customer data are easier to process, and you can even create reports and send them by e-mail directly from the instrument to the customer!

Apart from that, it creates a lot more trust in my company when I present myself to a customer with a so progressive instrument. For us, it’s extremely important to be always up-to-date and to invest in instruments of the newest generation. That’s our visiting card, and demonstrates to customers that we work at an absolutely professional level. That’s why I always show the customers the measurement values during the final checks, and explain them to them."

Marcello Cigoli, owner of C.M.Z. srl (Italy)

Marcello Cigoli with testo 300

The company

C.M.Z. srl is an official technical customer service centre of Vaillant Service Plus, and has been working in the heating and air conditioning sector since 1987. Thanks to its thirty-year presence on the market, the company has been able to build up an excellent cooperation with numerous fitters, offering an optimally tailored service for all conceivable system requirements. C.M.Z. srl is also an ECOPOINT centre advising fitters on all Vaillant products.
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