Intuitive, efficient, reliable: Smart measurement technology from Testo

Where is your smartphone right now? In your hand? In your pocket?

It can’t be far away, because for most of us, smartphones have become a constant companion. It’s always close at hand, and with the right Apps and functions, it makes day-to-day life easier. Whether we’re writing a a quick e-mail, taking a selfie or checking our news App.

Which is why it is only logical to use smartphones for work. Using your smartphone can combine intuitive handling and automatic data transfer, saving time, nerves, and in the end, money.
For this reason, Testo combines proven measurement technology with the digital world you are already at home in.

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Convince yourself of these advantages:

  • Tailor-made Apps for your application
    Guided measurement menus. Automatic updates. Fewer errors.
  • Innovative technology – intuitive handling
    No cables. No paperwork. No stress.
  • Security with your measurement values
    Precise results. Automatic transmission. Secure memory.
  • Years of application knowledge – transferred to the digital world
    Smart measurement technology from the market leader. With experience and understanding.

App-controlled pro measurement technology from Testo – for your area of application

Heating measurement technology with App

  • Easier than ever before: Operation without cable
  • More efficient than ever before: Carry out flue gas analysis more efficiently
  • More convenient than ever before: Measurement values always in view

Refrigeration measurement technology with App

  • Wireless: Controlled completely by smartphone
  • Reliable: automatic measurement value transmission
  • Intuitive: Special air conditioning measurement menus

Refrigeration measurement technology with App

  • More efficient: Automatic calculations
  • More flexible: Measurement values always in view
  • More up to date: Automatic refrigerant updates

Thermography with App

  • More efficient: Create reports in the App
  • Smarter: Process and add comments to thermal images
  • More flexible: Use smartphone as a second display

  • Smart refrigeration measurement
    • Smart refrigeration measurement
  • Professional measuring instruments with smartphone operation for servicing and troubleshooting on refrigeration/air conditioning systems and heat pumps, as well as for their installation. Individually or in a practical set.
  • Testo Smart Probes
    • Testo Smart Probes
  • Professional measuring instruments with smartphone operation for measuring air velocities, humidity, volume flows and temperatures in, on and around air conditioning plants and systems. Individually or in a practical set.
  • Smart heating measurement
    • Smart heating measurement
  • Professional measuring instruments with smartphone operation for flue gas, temperature and pressure measurement on radiators and heating systems. Individually or in a practical set.
  • Smart thermography
    • Smart thermography
  • Thermal imagers with unique functions, highest image quality and App connection Ideal for use by heating or construction contractors as well as in facility management and in professional services.

What is smart measurement technology from Testo – what’s in it for me?

Smart measurement technology is smart in two senses of the word. The technology is based on the connection of the measuring instrument to your smart device, i.e. your smartphone or tablet which you use on a daily basis.

But smart also means clever. Because why shouldn’t you use the possibilities of the digital world for your job?

Smart measurement technology is easier, more efficient and has already convinced many customers. You too?

Video: Smart measurement technology

Measurement by App – your advantages

  • All measurement values always in view
  • Operate analyzers more easily
  • Graphic progression display of the measurement
  • Simpler and more efficient documentation