Validate your buildings efficiency and performance with Testo

Operating costs, energy consumption, user comfort, classroom safety: As a facility manager, you need to keep an eye on many things. At the same time, you also need to increase the efficiency of systems and processes. You may be responsible for occupant safety, comfort, and long-term well-being. Lots on your plate. Testo instruments can help you solve some of your most pressing needs.

Complete Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Instruments

Testo is your competent partner for your facility management measurments. Take a look inside our mock-up building, and see for yourself!

Office building
Ventilation and A/C systems
Electrical installations
Indoor air and comfort
Refrigeration systems
Heating systems
Climate measuring instrument

Adjust air conditioning and ventilation systems optimally

With universal measuring instruments.
Thermal imager

Test electrical plants for thermal anomalies

With thermal imagers.
Measuring instrument switching cabinet

Test switching cabinets and electrical plants efficiently

With measuring instruments for electrical measurement parameters.
Refrigeration system

Efficient adjustment of refrigeration systems and heat pumps

With digital manifolds.

Climate measuring instrument

Guarantee air quality and comfort

With IAQ measuring instruments and data loggers.

  • CO2 monitoring to evaluate Virus Spread, Sick Building Syndrome, School and Classroom air quality.
Thermal imager

Ensure the energy efficiency of buildings

With thermal imagers.
Heating system

Efficient adjustment of heating systems

With combustion analyzers.

Check heating systems and find leaks

With thermal imagers.
Thermography application preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

With thermal imagers.
Data loggers and data monitoring

Environmental monitoring

With data loggers and Cloud-based systems.
Checking solar panels with thermal imager

Monitoring and checking photovoltaic plants

With thermal imagers.

Your advantages with Testo - everything from one provider

Measurement technology
from one provider

Testo as a partner in facility management
  • Measuring technology for all facility management tasks
  • Professional measuring instruments
  • Rugged, long-lasting technology
  • Time-saving digital documentation

from one provider

Testo as a service partner with a professional range of services
  • Professional support
  • Loan instruments and repairs
  • Made-to-measure probe construction
  • Seminars and webinars
  • Calibration and validation

Expert knowledge
from one provider

  • Application videos
  • Practical guide
  • Expert article
  • Tips & tricks

TOP products

Efficient facility management with a strong partner for measuring tasks and services.

Testo is a strong partner to have by your side, who will provide you with all the measuring equipment that you need to carry out all your technical facility management tasks. And that’s not all – we also offer you a tailored service, which will make your work easier, more accurate and also faster.

  • Uniform instrument operating concept guarantees simple, intuitive operation
  • Efficient documentation thanks to digital recording
  • Calibration service including logistics and organization
  • Integral test equipment management system PRIMAS

You will find all the details in our facility management application example.

More than measuring technology: Testo ensures greater quality and efficiency in technical facility management with comprehensive services and innovative solutions.

Testo ensures greater quality and efficiency in facility management with comprehensive services and innovative connectivity solutions:

  • Comprehensive services ranging from calibration and loan instruments to consultancy and training services - everything from one provider
  • App-to-app integration: readings are recorded directly in the mobile software for CAFM on smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Increased data quality and customer satisfaction

Testo solutions for facility management: Increased efficiency and quality assurance via the integral test equipment management system PRIMAS.

Our integral, manufacturer-independent test equipment management system PRIMAS guarantees increased efficiency and quality in the management of your equipment:

  • Minimum processing times for calibrations and repairs
  • Efficient deadline monitoring of calibration and maintenance due dates
  • Standard-compliant implementation and documentation of all calibration procedures
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