Together, we can overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives, creating challenges but also offering new opportunities. The far-reaching consequences for mankind and the economy are continuously being investigated by authorities and scientists. And the more we know, the more we can all do to contain the pandemic and mitigate its impacts. At Testo, we are working every day to support you with world class measuring instruments and solutions. Read more find out exactly how we are doing this.

Measuring technology and solutions: How we can support you

From our extensive portfolio, four product groups have proven to be successful in dealing with COVID-19:

  • Thermal imagers for detecting elevated body surface temperature
  • Measuring technology for optimum indoor air quality
  • Universal IAQ instruments for measurements on HVAC systems in the health sector
  • Digital quality management systems for food safety


Measuring body surface temperature.

Thermal imager

Universal IAQ instruments for measurements on HVAC systems in the health sector.

Volume flow measuring technology

Measuring technology for indoor air quality and CO2 levels to derive the aerosol concentration.

CO2 measuring technology

Quality management systems for restaurant chains and retail.

Food Safety Solution

Measurement technology for monitoring the storage and transportation of sensitive vaccines

Measurement technology cold chain vaccines


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