Your challenges in mold prevention

Often, if mold is visible to the naked eye, it’s already too late. The elimination measures which then need to be carried out cost time and money – not to mention can cause potential dangers to human health. That’s why it’s essential to identify mold before actual damage can occur.

For the purposes of better presentation and simplified communication with your customers, the measurement technology used should also display the mold risk, not just present it numerically as measurement values.

Mold detection with the smart probes

Your solution: IAQ measuring instrument and mold detector

Air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument

testo 440
  • Intuitive measurement menus, included for mold detection
  • Large graphic display
  • Internal data storage and USB port
Humidity measurement

Infrared thermometer operated with your smartphone

IR thermometer
  • Ideal for mold detection in combination with the testo 440 and the humidity-temperature probe. 
  • Measuring point marking with laser function
Thermometer smartphone

testo Smart Probes mold kit

Testo Smart Probes
  • Identify mold risk early by measuring ambient temperature, relative air humidity and surface temperature 
  • Operation/documentation via App
Smartphone measuring instruments

Recommended products for mould prevention

testo 440 humidty kit

testo 805i infrared thermometer

testo Smart Probes mould kit

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Thermal imagers for building assessment

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How to identify mould risk with thermal imagers

Then IAQ pro for IAQ pros: The universal air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument testo 400

Multi-function measuring instrument

Measurement solutions for facility management

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