Whether it’s in hospitals, specialty clinics, or pharmacies, the protection of temperature sensitive samples and medicines is integral. Testo offers environmental monitoring solutions designed to ensure critical items are stored at desired temperatures, humidity levels and differential air pressure, while eliminating the need to take 24/7 continual manual measurements.

Measurement data monitoring in hospitals

Healthcare Quality Solutions

Environmental conditions play a critical role in the healthcare industry. Ensure the highest level of quality when storing and transporting pharmaceuticals, vaccines, laboratory samples and units of blood. Read the top 6 considerations when choosing the correct automated temperature monitoring system.

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Validation of Sterilization Process

Data logger for sterilization
  • Qualify and validate your temperature sterilization process
  • Validating temperature, sterilization using safe, reliable and highly accurate temperature and pressure data loggers for autoclaves.

Cleaning and Disinfection Validation

Data logger for disinfection
  • Qualify and validate your cleaning and disinfection process
  • Provides assurance that a product is correctly sterilized in the healthcare field.

Refrigerator and Freezer Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring in the hospital
  • Temperature monitoring in compliance with CDC, FDA, and USP guidance
  • Ensuring the highest level of protection for temperature sensitive products

Cold Chain Transport Monitoring

Transport monitoring of pharmaceuticals

Most pharmaceuticals must be continuously transported at defined upper and lower temperature and humidity limit values, along the entire supply chain.

  • Control of the cold chain during delivery
  • Protection from unnoticed gaps in the cold chain during the entire distribution path
  • monitor and document simply, securely and compliantly with all common standards, guidelines and regulations

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