Measurement technology for servicing heat pumps with refrigerant

Heat pumps under control:
From commissioning and regulation up to maintenance and service

In order for heat pumps to reliably provide sustainable heat, and for the heating curve to be right, they have to be thoroughly checked using suitable measurement technology at regular service and maintenance intervals.

An annual service is also recommended for all heat pumps with refrigerant. This is way, efficient operation is ensured, and your customers can save costs.

Adjusting and regulating heat pumps

Servicing heat pump

With the testo Smart Probes Refrigeration kit, you check all parameters exactly, and simply determine subcooling and superheating in a heat pump faster.

  • Low refrigerant loss thanks to hoseless installation
  • Direct display of the evaporation and condensation temperatures
  • Analysis and transmission of measurement data via App

Servicing heat pumps

Heat pump, heating curve, refrigerant

With a digital manifold, you carry out the commissioning and servicing of heat pumps quickly, flexibly and precisely. Bluetooth, wireless probes and the testo Smart App make measurement and documentation easier.

  • Carry out high-precision measurements in next to no time
  • Ensure tightness of refrigeration systems
  • Test and optimize the efficiency of the system

Evacuating heat pump

Evacuating heat pump

Testo supports you in the correct evacuation of a heat pump before commissioning, with highly precise vacuum measuring instruments.

  • Reliable monitoring of absolute pressure
  • Monitoring of readings via App
  • Pressure measurement and automatic calculation of the evaporation temperature

Finding leaks

Measuring instruments leakage heat pump

Leaks on heat pumps lead to serious damage to systems and the environment. Use Testo leak detectors to detect all common refrigerants and the smallest leaks.

  • High sensitivity according to EN 14624
  • Detect common refrigerants
  • Alarm in the event of leaks

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