Measurement data import directly to the TAIFUN contractors’ App

For over 30 years, TAIFUN Software AG, headquartered in Germany, has been developing commercial software for contractors and distributors. The software solutions support contracting companies from order processing to warehouse management up to invoicing. Using the corresponding App, the data are also available on a smartphone en route, on a tablet or PC.

Contactors’ software TAIFUN© Software AG

Since June 2020, an interface has existed between Testo measuring instruments and the company’s sector software. Measurement values, e.g. flue gas values from heating systems, are transferred by Bluetooth from the Testo measuring instrument to the TAIFUN App within a few seconds and without any transfer errors. This means the engineers have all values safely and quickly in view.

TAIFUN and Testo customers can use this interface free of charge.

How does the data transfer work in detail?

  • In the case of the testo 300, the TAIFUN App automatically searches for the measuring instrument and imports the data via Bluetooth.
  • For the measuring instruments testo 330i or the testo Smart Probes, the respective App for the instrument must be installed on the smartphone or tablet. This then also connects via Bluetooth, transfers the data and forwards them to the TAIFUN App.
Measurement data import

Measurement data import between the testo 300 and the TAIFUN App