testo 340 4-Gas Combustion Analyzer

The ultimate instrument in portable combustion and engine tuning

Optimizing combustion, increasing efficiency and minimizing fuel use are necessary to compete in today's market. The Testo 340 provides the information to understand your process, enabling you to make informed combustion decisions. It is the ideal tool to confirm proper set-up or identify emission problems.

  • Up to 4-gas sensors to use and measure simultaneously
  • CO sensor with dilution (option) for high-range testing
  • Infrared printing so you can print records (flash Mode) to Testo infrared printer
  • Mass measurements in lbs/year

Rugged and durable – 4-Gas Flexibility in a rugged, compact handheld design

  • 4-gas choice of O2, CO, COlow, NO, NOlow, NO2, and SO2
  • Field-replaceable pre-calibrated sensors means zero downtime
    so you can keep testing!
  • All sensors read at the same time
  • 18 fuels to choose from, plus 10 user-defined fuels (input from easyEmissions)
  • Automatic Sensor Protections keeps your analyzer working longer
  • Integrated pressure sensor measures draft or differential pressure and simultaneously measure exhaust gas and flow velocity for flow
  • Designed for simple, fast operation and constructed for demanding daily rugged use!



Easier Engine Tuning at a Lower Cost

Some combustion sources run normally high concentrations while others are high because of inadequate control or flawed set-up. High concentrations can reduce the normal life span of sensors. Testo's solution is replaceable interference filters on the CO and NO sensors. Analyzer diagnostics will display the filter lifetime in ppm hours to inform you of filter change-out which is easy and quick to replace. This simple process increases accuracy and extends sensor lifetime.

Testo has a complete line of products to assist in testing the exhaust gas of each diesel powered unit. The testo 340 four-gas analyzer is perfect identifying concentrations of O2, CO, NO, and NO2 and SO2 for mining applications.

Onboard Diagnostics:

The "I" button gives you the power to know.

Simply go to the diagnostics screen to see instrument status:

  • Perform an automated quick leak check before your test.
  • See the rechargeable lithium battery status (lasts approximately 6 hours with pump on)
  • Review the pump flow rate (liters/min)
  • Display error status with description and diagnosis and last service/maintenance date
  • Graphic representation of sensor calibration data
  • Shows status of condensate trap

easyEmissions - A powerful and efficient software tool

easyEmission software gives you extraordinary data management skills with real time analyzer control. It has the power to import/export data from a variety of formats and prepare custom reports and documents using today's common Windows-based applications. Learn more by going to the easyEmission page.

Rugged Gas Sampling Probes for all Types of Applications

Every probe and hose assembly is constructed of the highest quality material. The probes cam-lock connection to the 340 assures your security and safety during testing. The standard Teflon hoses are also heat-resistant.

  • 12 inches to 28 inch length probes
  • Hoses can extend to 25 feet with extensions (optional)
  • Probe lengths to 9 feet and temperatures to 3200 °F (optional) for extreme tuning applications