Testo Releases Innovative New Smart Probes

Sparta, NJ (January 24, 2016) – Testo has once again revolutionized the market with its Smart Probes, a very exciting development in HVAC instruments. Testo’s family of eight Smart Probes allows users to remotely read the measurements from one or up to six probes at the same time by using the testo Smart App installed on their Smart device. Great for setup and diagnostics of large and small HVAC/R systems, the Smart Probes can be combined to create measuring solutions for most HVAC/R applications. The family of Smart Probes includes measuring instruments for air temperature, infrared non-contact surface temperature, humidity, pressure, air velocity, volume flow, and temperatures of pipes.

The testo Smart App for both Apple iOS and Android is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that will turn a Smart device into the display for the Smart probes. The simplicity and power of the App allows you to quickly and easily do what you could never do before. After a quick download of the App, the user just hits one button on the Smart Probe and it automatically connects to the smart probes and shows the data. All measurement data is presented as a live single point reading, in table format or diagram, and can be simply converted into PDF or Excel files. Custom reports can be saved and/or shared by email with photos and comments. All of the data can be stored and retrieved, to and from your smart device, which saves the end user hours of time consuming paperwork.

Testo, Inc. develops and manufactures handheld test and measurement instrumentation for numerous markets including HVAC/R, Emission Monitoring, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Life Sciences and many other industries. Additionally, Testo is recognized as a leading global manufacturer of portable combustion efficiency and emission analyzers, temperature, pressure, moisture, and thermal imaging test and measurement instruments. Backed by over 50 years of measuring engineering experience and expertise, Testo’s mission is to provide the best quality, service and value in test and measurement instrumentation.