Quality Service from Testo

Calibration from Testo

All calibration requests meet ISO and NIST standards in order to ensure measurement accuracy so our customers have total confidence in their instrument. Testo also utilizes EPA protocol test gases when calibrating gas analyzers in order to ensure instruments provide not just the highest accuracy, but are field-credible.

Returns for Service or Calibration

To keep your instrument in peak working order and to guarantee its continued accuracy, periodic calibrations and/or service is often required. The process we use is very simple:

  • Package your instrument and be sure to include the Testo Calibration/Service form or a note specifying the service requested.
  • Ship to our address below.
  • The instrument will be evaluated by our technicians and you will receive a quote for the service or calibration via email.
  • Upon approval, your instrument will be serviced and shipped back to you.

Testo, Inc., Service Department
40 White Lake Road
Sparta, NJ 07871

Phone: 800-227-0729

Fax: 862-354-5019

Email: Services@testo.com

Please note: Instruments left at Testo more than 30 days without a quote approval or without proper paperwork will be returned in its original condition to the owner/distributor and charged the minimum labor and / or reexamination fee and all subsequent shipping charges. In the event that equipment is left at Testo over 90 days Testo reserves the right to dispose of equipment. Testo is not responsible for typos or misinformation.