Free testo 410i with purchase of testo AC/Refrigeration Smart Probes Kit

Purchase a testo AC / Refrigeration Smart Probes Kit between October 15 and December 15 and redeem for a testo 410i via mail-in rebate!

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  • Buy a NEW qualifying Testo AC / Refrigeration Smart Probes Kit from a participating Testo distributor between October 15, 2018 and December 15, 2018.
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Testo AC / Refrigeration Smart Probes Kit

testo Smart Probes - AC / Refrigeration Kit

This compact and easily transportable kit contains the most important measuring instruments for refrigeration engineers: the testo 549i high-pressure measuring instrument and the testo 115i clamp thermometer (two of each), along with a testo softcase for up to 7 additional testo Smart Probes.

  • Fast and simple installation of the testo 549i high-pressure measuring instrument directly onto the pressure connection.
  • Low refrigerant loss thanks to hoseless application.
  • Automatic calculation of evaporation and condensation temperatures and simple selection from more than 90 refrigerants via testo Smart App.
  • Large testo HVAC softcase: store additional testo Smart Probes for further applications in the heating, air conditioning and ventilation field safely

testo 410i Vane Anemometer

The testo 410i Smart Probe is a compact wireless vane anemometer for measuring air velocity, temperature, and deriving volume flow.  It can be used at air outlets, and for monitoring the air flow of ventilation systems.

  • Measures air velocity, volume flow, and temperature, as well as air flow at registers, and automatically calculates volume flow (simply enter the duct dimensions)

  • No air density correction required, due to its design

  • Measure volume flow at several outlets simultaneously (using mutiple Smart Probes), to adjust system balance

  • Timed/multipoint averaging to get accurate air flow profiles