The software: more than a digital quality handbook

The software is the heart of the digital quality management system testo Saveris Restaurant:

It allows you to digitize your quality handbooks, roll them out worldwide at the touch of a button and carry out updates. In the restaurants, it is initially used for adaptation to the individual circumstances on site.

You then manage and document all quality-relevant measurement points and processes with it. And in the case of limit value violations, those responsible can immediately intervene thanks to alarms and correction measures.

Digitize and roll out quality handbook

testo Saveris Restaurant digitizes your quality handbooks

Analog quality handbooks can be quickly digitalized with the software, as well as rolled out and updated worldwide at the touch of a button. If desired, we are happy to support you.

Adapt digital quality handbook

Software testo Saveris Restaurant

In the restaurants, the digital quality handbook is adapted to the local requirements in just 15 minutes.

Monitor and analyze quality parameters

The testo Saveris Restaurant software

Restaurant-specific analysis and reporting functions ensure that processes/limit values are monitored, and that you can check the success of any measures implemented.

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