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Testo is the world’s largest supplier of food safety software platforms and electronic measurement equipment. With over 60 years of experience in the food industry, Testo attributes its success to developing close partnerships with customers, allowing for a deep understanding of business needs.

With over 2,700 employees in 33 countries, Testo develops these relationships at a local level, with an understanding of local requirements and culture. Testo currently has hundreds of thousands of data loggers and thermometers in the market and is storing over 17 billion data sets in the Testo Cloud. Testo’s longevity and financial stability ensure our end-users the highest levels of service, innovation and accountability in the space. Testo is currently the provider of equipment, software and apps to many of the largest food service, QSR and food retailers globally.

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Claudio Bauza
Director, Business Development
Restaurant Solutions

Mike Baker
Director, Business Development
Grocery & Retail Solutions

The experts in Digital quality management
Testo Saveris Restaurant

Digital quality management software for food service and restaurant chains.

  • Ensure all critical measurements are checked and properly corrected if needed.
  • Engage employees in food safety through intuitive digital checklists and IOT enabled equipment.
  • Respond quickly to problems and manage by exception with automated alerts.
Testo Saveris Retail Chain

Complete visibility and maximum efficiency across the grocery & retail cold chain.

  • Track and optimize quality across departments like produce, fresh meat, display cases and more.
  • Leverage SMART software and equipment for real-time data transfer and organization-wide visibility.
  • Ensure all stores are inspection ready.
Testo Saveris Pharma

21 CFR Part 11 compliance and maximum control in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Collect and centrally manage quality data.
  • Support the correct implementation of quality measures.
  • Ensure temperature deviations in transportation and storage do not go unnoticed.



Created by Testo, the term Saveris is derived from 3 words in different languages. When combined, the term provides an understanding of how Testo can help customers find solutions to the challenges they face in their daily work. The Saveris Solutions offer the ability to digitally save and store data, the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, and a window of visibility to provide them with truth.

Testo’s Saveris platform enables the centralized control of food safety and quality processes while offering the flexibility to accommodate variations of equipment, store floor plans, and practices at local sites. Saveris provides both an app-based and web-based software platform including customizable dashboards for users at different levels to access information relevant to the user’s role and visibility at all levels of management.

Automated alerts, corrective action steps and visual aids empower restaurant and retail associates with information to address routine situations according to corporate food safety and quality expectations.

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