Video-Trainings: testo 875i

The video training consists of individual How-to videos, which are put together in the following playlist. You can just go straight to your desired How-to video!

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  • Part 1: Inserting the battery
  • Part 2: Using the buttons
  • Part 3: First camera start-up
  • Part 4: Programming the quick select buttons
  • Part 5: Interfaces
  • Part 6: Inserting the SD card
  • Part 7: Setting emissivity and reflected temperature (RTC)
  • Part 8: Recording thermal images
  • Part 9: Analyzing thermal images
  • Part 10: Setting the measuring range and using the high temperature option
  • Part 11: Activating measurement functions
  • Part 12: Changing the lens
  • Part 13: Fitting the lens protection glass
  • Part 14: Using wireless humidity probes
  • Part 15: Removing softcase