Testo Heating
Testo Heating

The fantastic three.

Smart measurement. Fast analysis. Easy documentation.

The super tools for heating systems and heat pumps.

The concentrated superpower for your measurement jobs
on heating systems and heat pumps.

More and more work, fewer and fewer qualified staff and on top of it all constantly new technologies and regulations regarding digitalization and renewable energies – none of this makes a heating technician and fitter’s job any easier.

But we do. With our measuring instruments, we’re equipping you with the best tools, with their concentrated power and unique superfeatures, to support you in the servicing and installation of heating systems and heat pumps.

testo 300 flue gas analyzer

testo 300

The superpower which masters every flue gas measurement.

Immediately ready to go when you need it: With the flue gas measuring instrument testo 300, you measure and document quickly, easily and without annoying measurement and transfer errors.

Thanks to fast-response Smart-Touch displays and intuitive menu guidance, jobs are dealt with in no time – and the servicing, installation and maintenance of heating plants will in future be three of your easiest jobs.

Digital manifolds testo 557s and testo 550s

testo 557s / testo 550s

Measurement work heroes. Not just on heat pumps.

Sometimes you wish you had superpowers which make the job easier. Now you can: With the digital manifolds testo 550s and testo 557s, we’re equipping you with two super strong tools which support you in the installation and servicing of heat pumps with their speed, precision and easy, paper-free documentation.

testo 868 thermal imager

testo 868

Super vision. Super documentation. The testo 868 thermal imager.

The thermal imager testo 868 is ready to go for you when you need to check radiators and underfloor heating systems, discover leaks fast, localize pipes and lines or carry out quick function tests.

You are equipped for every job with the best thermal image quality in its class, the automatic hot and cold spot recognition, the free App for easy analysis and reporting on site, as well as our free analysis software for creating professional reports.

Even better equipped:
More measuring instruments for heating and air conditioning technology.

Unbeatable in the fight against measurement errors. In handling too. With our versatile super tools, you get exactly the reinforcements you need day to day.

heating contractors

Brochure heating contractors
Measuring instruments and accessories for all jobs involving heating systems.

Application guide
heating systems

Application guide heating systems
Tips & Tricks: Carry out measuring tasks on heating systems efficiently and safely.

Application guide
heat pumps

Application guide heat pumps

4 modules: Understanding heat pumps, Basics and main components, Correct planning and measurement, Sound.

Application guide

Application guide thermography
Localization of heating pipes and detection of leaks, testing radiators.