Made for the highest demands:
The testo 883 thermal imager with best image quality and professional software testo IRSoft.

AEON architecten.

The Belgian architectural firm AEON architecten has made a name for itself not only in overall project development in the new building sector. Under the management of architect Kevin Nechelput and ir. architect Valerie Van Gucht, the renowned firm specializes primarily in the renovation and new build of high-end residential and corporate buildings. Efficiency and sustainability in construction and refurbishment are among the key motivations of the dedicated team of architects - and among the challenges posed by any building in need of refurbishment. In order to implement projects more cost-effectively and efficiently, Kevin Nechelput relies on optimized processes and a high degree of forward planning. This includes a thorough analysis of the building fabric, with as few gaps as possible, as early as the planning phase, in order to reliably detect hidden energy deficiencies at an early stage.

AEON’s architects value the cooperation with high-performance partners and products in order to implement building and renovation projects perfectly. He is happy to test the new testo 883 thermal imager with professional software testo IRSoft. The handy imager offers best image quality with an infrared resolution of 320 x 240 Pixels, which can be expanded to 640 x 480 pixels with the built-in testo SuperResolution technology. In addition, the thermal sensitivity of < 40 mK makes even the smallest temperature differences visible.

AEON architecten
Test of the testo 883 thermal imager

The challenge.

One of the greatest challenges in efficient building refurbishment is to identify energy deficiencies at an early stage, i.e. in the planning phase. Thus, one of the most important project requirements Kevin Nechelput and team have to face is the careful inspection, analysis and documentation of the building shells and building substances commissioned for refurbishment - always with the aim of detecting energy losses. The team of architects pays special attention to the typical weak points that buildings in need of renovation usually have, such as in the area of heating or piping or cold bridges. If defects are only discovered after the fact, the schedule and budget for the renovation project can sharply increase. The experienced architects attach great importance to quality checks on measures carried out, for example after the installation of insulation or a heating or air-conditioning system, in order to assess the correct execution. Another focus is on accurate stocktaking, because the time and cost framework of a conversion or renovation can only be bindingly adhered to if the project is perfectly prepared.

For the defect analysis, Kevin Nechelput and his team have so far reverted to old construction plans – if available – or made decisions depending on expertise and experience. The inspection of the work carried out has so far only been carried out visually. An approach that does not make it easy for demanding architects to meet their own quality requirements. The team would like to have a highly sensitive thermal imager in order to be able to carry out the energetic analyses quickly and easily and to visualize even fine details clearly. Since the instrument is not used on a daily basis, the thermal imager should be easy to use, in order to avoid delays. It should also be possible to process the captured imagery in intuitive, high-performance software to produce the required reports immediately, without having to deal with compatibility issues or the need for additional modules.

Thermal imager testo 883 in action

The solution.

The new testo 883 thermal imager fully complies with the AEON architects' catalogue of requirements. The thermal imager testo 883 in an easy-to-handle pistol-grip design is easy to operate and comes with high resolution and high-performance, intuitive software, so that thermal images can be quickly and easily created, analyzed and documented in an illustrative thermographic report.

Kevin Nechelput thinks it's promising and is looking forward to the live test. Together with his experienced project team, he is happy to use the testo 883 thermal imager for the current renovation project in order to put not only the building fabric through its paces, but also the numerous features of the thermal imager and the associated professional software testo IRSoft.

Kevin Nechelput

"This instrument really is an asset for me as an architect. Using the testo 883 thermal imager as an extra pair of eyes on the job site helps me and my team tremendously."

Kevin Nechelput, architect
Managing Director, AEON architecten

Test of the thermal imager testo 883

The test.

The live test starts convincingly. Thanks to the intuitive touch screen, the testo 883 thermal imager is surprisingly easy to operate, so there are no delays in use, even during sporadic use. In addition, the versatile camera is very temperature- sensitive and thus capable of imaging all temperature differences with the highest degree of accuracy. Kevin Nechelput also finds it very practical that a smartphone can be used as a second screen during a control walk or inspection. This allows another colleague to comfortably follow the inspection in real time. This makes the testo 883 thermal imager a real partner for inspections on construction sites.

The transfer of the images to the computer also runs smoothly, Kevin Nechelput notes appreciatively. All images can be neatly stored in a directory so that they can be quickly accessed whenever needed. Documentation is carried out on the PC using the testo IRSoft thermography software, and report generation proves to be simple and intuitive all round. The company logo is simply added to the report. In future, the testo 883 thermal imager will always be in use when AEON's architects inspect their building sites or hold talks for refurbishment projects with new customers. This allows them to quickly point out important details or unexpected discoveries to the client, such as hidden doors in the walls.

Another advantage: Current energy losses in existing dwellings can be clearly visualised for the building owner so that the refurbishment can be carried out in a targeted, cost-effective and complete manner from the outset.

Thermal imager testo 883

The advantages.

The testo 883 thermal imager has all the advantages for top performance in renovation planning and quality assurance of the measures carried out:

  • Best image quality: IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (with SuperResolution 640 x 480 pixels)
  • Exchangeable lenses: Quick exchange from the standard lens to the telephoto lens for high-precision thermography of even distant objects.
  • Manual focus: Full control over the thermal image
  • High thermal sensitivity: NETD of <40 mK visualizes smallest temperature differences
  • testo ScaleAssist: Automatic contrast adjustment for comparable thermal images prevents misinterpretations
  • testo IRSoft: Extensive analysis and documentation
  • Humidity mode: The mould risk is indicated in the thermal image with traffic light colours.
  • Smart and networked: testo Thermography App and wireless transmission of measurement values from the humidity probe testo 605i directly into the thermal image.

testo 883 with highest image quality - the efficiency turbo in old building renovation and conversion.