Measurements in laboratories and cleanrooms

Suitable testo 440 probes are also available for critical process control measurements, for which maximum precision and resilient equipment are essential. Ideal for industrial environments where temperatures are high, as well as for laboratories, where it is essential to record even the smallest values with a high degree of accuracy.

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In the online configurator, you can easily put together your own personal combination of measuring instrument, probes and accessories.
  • Intuitive measurement menus
    Clearly structured measurement menus are programmed into the measuring instrument and lead to accurate results.
  • Convenient measurements
    Do you carry out measurements in environments where Bluetooth is not possible?
    No problem: simply insert the probe head from the Bluetooth handle onto the cable handle and you’re done.
  • High-precision probes
    Fume cupboard probes for laboratories/cleanrooms; vane probes for laminar flow measurement;
    humidity probes with an accuracy of < 1 %.
  • Intelligent calibration concept
    Only the probe heads need to be calibrated. You can carry on working with the measuring instrument, handle and another probe.

When a high degree of precision is required

The specially designed, high-precision probes for the testo 440 air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument can assist you with these applications, for example:

  • Reliable measurement of laminar flow
  • Accurately recording even the smallest differences in air velocity, from 0.02 m/s
  • Measuring humidity in critical processes with an accuracy of 1 %

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Use these probes to measure with precision

High-precision vane probe

testo 440 high-precision vane probe

  • Ø 100 mm with Bluetooth, including temperature sensor
  • Low start-up speed (1 m/s)
  • Measures air velocity and temperature
  • Ideal for laminar flow measurements

Fume cupboard probe

testo 440 fume cupboard probe

  • Wired
  • Measures air velocity and volume flow in laboratory fume cupboards
  • Complies with DIN EN 14175-3/4


High-precision humidity/temperature probe

testo 440 high-precision humidity/temperature probe

  • Humidity measurement in critical processes
  • Fast response time
  • Accuracy: (±0.6% RH + 0.7 % of m.v.) in the range between 0 and 90% RH.


Hot wire probe

testo 440 hot wire probe

  • Includes temperature and humidity sensor
  • With Bluetooth or wired


Use these tips to measure more effectively

All probes for the testo 440

Which probe for which application? Download probe comparison now and find out all about the testo 440 portfolio of probes.

The comprehensive testo 440 brochure

A wealth of product knowledge relating to the testo 440:

  • All probes and accessories
  • Special kits for any application
  • Details on the intuitive measurement menus

The intuitive measurement menus

The menus programmed into the instrument guide you efficiently through volume flow measurements in ducts and at outlets, K factor and Pitot tube measurements.

testo 440 dP with differential pressure sensor

For Pitot tube measurements or checking filters on air conditioning systems, we recommend the testo 440 dP including differential pressure sensor.