Everything in view all the time: The Testo Cloud

We offer a free Cloud access for your WiFi data logger system.

You can use it to view and manage the measurement values stored online, and to use the alarm function via e-mail.

You can also set up your system in the Testo Cloud – simply follow the step-by-step instructions.

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How indoor climate monitoring with testo 160 works.

With the monitoring system testo 160 you easily have full control of all relevant ambient conditions - no matter where you are.
Testo Cloud for testo 160

Your online data store

The Testo Cloud is the central operating element of the testo 160 monitoring system. Here you can configure your WiFi data loggers, set limit value alarms and analyze measurement data. You must first register at www.museum.saveris.net to have access to the Testo Cloud.

Depending on the range of functions you require, you have a choice between the free Basic and the extensive Advanced functionality for use of the Testo Cloud. In the Advanced package, you have access to an API interface, in order to export measurement data to your systems.

Our Cloud packages in comparison

  Basic Advanced
Measurement rate Fixed Flexible
Data storage Max. 3 months Max. 2 years
Reports Manual Automatic
Number of users per account 1 10
Alarms E-mail E-mail, SMS