Working with a pH measuring strip: pH measurement made easy

No doubt you learned how to use a pH measuring strip when you were at school. It is held in a solution or semi-solid medium and indicates the current pH value. However, this kind of test strip is not precise enough when it comes to research work or industrial production. Therefore Testo offers accurate and highly sensitive instruments that replace the usual pH measuring strips, and which have proven their worth in situations where extreme precision and efficiency are required.

The pH measuring instrument is suitable for use in liquid, semi-solid and solid media and offers the following advantages:

  • Fast measurement of the pH value
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for sensitive applications
  • Simultaneous determination of temperature possible


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pH meters from Testo: the right measuring instrument for every measurement!

Meters with permanent probes

Testo pH meters
Measure temperature as well as pH value.

Meters with connectable probes

Determining pH
Flexible to use through connection of external probes.


pH measurement
Everything you need for pH measurement: from pH buffer solution to pH value test strips.

pH measurement made easy: pH meters and accessories from Testo

PH measurement: Safe, easy determination of a key parameter

Whether in different media, with fixed or connectable probes: modern instruments for measuring the pH value make simple pH measuring strips made of test paper redundant. The modern form of the pH measuring strip comes in the form of an instrument that can be used both in environmental technology and in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Measurements with the reactions previously familiar with pH test strips are simple and can be carried out in next to no time:

  • Combined measurement of pH value and temperature
  • Measurements in aggressive media
  • Use of the combination electrode (measuring and reference electrode integrated into one unit)

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The simultaneous measurement of temperature and pH value is particularly important in the food industry, where both parameters need to be constantly monitored in order to detect changes in good time.

A measuring instrument that simultaneously displays different values is therefore indispensable. A mere pH measuring strip could not do this! Corrosive or acidic solutions often need to be ascertained, especially in laboratories. pH value measurement is possible using pH measuring strips, but is much more efficient using instruments such as Testo's. Aggressive solutions can be reliably measured via a probe that is connected to the measuring instrument or is already permanently installed.

For special applications, individual probes can be connected, providing the measuring instrument with sufficient equipment to meet all requirements.

Measuring instrument for pH values: pH measuring strips in industry

ph-measuring instruments

In the food industry in particular, but also in the pharmaceutical industry, extreme precision is essential when measuring pH values. Normal pH measuring strips in the form of test strips are not precise enough, therefore sensitive measuring tips on the measuring instrument are required. At the same time, the measuring tips are geared to variety of media and can therefore measure viscoplastic substances as well as semi-solid media.

Of course, liquids can also be measured with the pH measuring strips, but here too, Testo's measuring instruments prove to be much more accurate, easier and more reliable in determining the pH value. There is an ideal probe for every application; and a variety of probes make this measuring instrument an all-rounder. Moreover, Testo offers the necessary accessories.

Determining the pH value: What to keep in mind

Back in school, the pH measuring strips needed to be handled carefully. Even the pH value of the skin could falsify the required reading.

pH measuring strips are therefore not really suitable for use in industry or the pharmaceutical sector, they are too sensitive and do not always guarantee reliable measurement results.

If reliable statements about the nature of a substance need to be made with the pH values, where it’s a question of ascertaining the acidic, neutral or alkaline properties of the substance, the pH measuring strips need to react with absolute reliability and certainty, with no falsifications and within a short time.

pH measurement with Testo instruments allows you to do just that. Testo instruments can therefore be found in the food industry as well as in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories and in the fields of research and science.

ph-measuring instruments

pH value test strips

Normal pH measuring strips enable the nature of a substance to be assigned to acidic, alkaline and neutral as well as to the corresponding gradations via the change in colour of the test strip. Red usually means acidic, blue staining represents alkalinity. Green is the neutral substance, while transitions to the individual properties are represented by shades of colour.