How state-of-the-art IAQ measuring technology can save lives.

Precision is the be all and end all. In medicine. And in measuring technology. With its instruments for monitoring air quality, Testo helps to reduce the risk of infection and protect the health of employees and patients. After all, especially in hospitals, outpatient clinics and doctors’ surgeries, there is more at stake than optimal air temperature and humidity – namely, our health. Here you can learn more about the scientific background, suitable measuring instruments as well as find our free white paper for download.

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What recent scientific studies and professional associations have to say.

Effects of Air Temperature and Relative Humidity on Coronavirus Survival on Surfaces

Teaserbild-Air Temperature and Relative Humidity_03.jpg

Authors: Lisa M. Casanova, Soyoung Jeon, William A. Rutala, David J. Weber, Mark D. Sobsey

Based on tests with surrogate viruses, this study shows that corona viruses survive for a much shorter time on surfaces if you have average relative humidity and an elevated air temperature in indoor areas.

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Built Environment Considerations to Reduce Transmission


Authors: Leslie Dietz, Patrick F. Horve, David A. Coil, Mark Fretz, Jonathan A. Eisen, Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg

This article describes how decision-makers, building operators and indoor users can minimize the environmental risk of transmitting infectious diseases.

Breathe Easy: Two Basic Steps to Improve Patient Outcomes and Healthcare Reimbursement

Teaserbild-Breathe Easy_02.jpg

Authors: Stephanie Taylor, MD, M Arch, FRSPH(UK), MCABE

Find out here how a relative humidity of 40 to 60% not only reduces the proliferation and transmission of micro-organisms, but that optimum air quality can also have a positive effect on patients’ immune defences.

Is Low Indoor Humidity a Driver for Healthcare-associated Infections?

Teaserbild-Indoor Humidity_01.jpg

Authors: Stephanie Taylor, MD, M Arch, CIC, FRSPH(UK), CABE, Walter Hugentobler, MD

This study shows that a controlled humidity level of over 40% can reduce the risk of infection indoors.

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Check measurements or monitoring?

We have the right product for both.

For check measurements


testo 400 universal IAQ instrument: professional and high-precision.

  • Smart operation: Thanks to its Smart-Touch technology, the testo 400 is just as intuitive to use as your smartphone
  • Fast digital reporting: Customer data and measuring points stored in the instrument
  • Professional assistance: Measurement menus guide you step by step through the measurement (e.g. PMV/PPD)

For check measurements at large ceiling outlets


testo 420 volume flow hood: ergonomic, efficient and high-precision

  • Light and convenient: at less than 2.9 kg despite its 610 x 610 mm dimensions, it’s the flyweight among flow hoods.
  • Smart handling: use mobile devices via the App as a second display or remote control.
  • High-precision results using a flow straightener that reduces inaccuracies by means of air turbulences

For monitoring


testo Saveris 2 WLAN data logger: easy monitoring from anywhere

  • Secure data backup: stores temperature and humidity readings on the Testo Cloud. 
  • Always flexible: data access by PC or smartphone
  • Can be individually extended: the system adapts to your needs.